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A special event on the very day of the full moon when energies are extremely potent...

Being the third full moon after Spring Equinox which in the Alice Bailey tradition is the powerful spiritual Festival of Goodwill ~ the Festival of the Spirit of Humanity ~ "a day whereon the spiritual and divine nature of humankind is recognized"...

Let's gather and unite, shift and uplift and celebrate life together...

OneLove ♥

We have a wonder-full fun elevating transformational journey including~

Full Moon Ecstatic Dance with OneBeat Live Ensemble + Sacred Sound Bath with Solfeggio Bowls, Gongs & more + LoveBeam Gaia Meditation & Om + Drumming Circle + Being Energy Shamanic Movements + Channelled Guidance + Manifesting & Co-Creating + Sacred Chants + Planetary Update + Cosmic Connections Social + Healing Exchange + High Vibe Cafe + Shanti Tunes + Sacred Geometry Visuals & Decor + More... ♥

at our wonderful power spot venue (the old Mass Club) in the heart of London ~

THE BRIX, St. Matthews, Brixton Hill, Brixton, LONDON, SW2 1JF

Would be lovely to see you – it will be amazing!

!!!The Time Is NOW!!!

Let's make OurStory together...

OneSpirit… OneHeart… OneBeat… OneLight… OneLove ♥

OneSpirit is a regular natural high gathering to meet, connect, ecstatic dance, celebrate, journey, explore, shift and uplift in Brixton, LONDON, UK...

Our events consistently receive positive feedback and 5 star ratings ~ please check out OneSpirit reviews here:


Our events vary so best check the journey in detail...

It is possible to attend the Drum Circle or Day or Eve Gatherings separately or in combos... Ticket info is below...

4.00 - 5.00pm DRUM CIRCLE

Facilitated by Amiracle Om

Includes guidance and will explore different rhythms...

Drums are provided and of course you are welcome to bring your own...


We are a hub for the Conscious Evolution of the Golden Age and now have dedicated sessions at OneSpirit Uplift events to regain and access our essential energy, connect with our higher selves and guides, envision, manifest and co-create, igniting our infinite potential ~ very powerful...


with Amiracle Om

Being Energy shamanic movements to bring us into our bodies and access our essential energy... Being Energy bridges knowledge and practices from seers of Ancient Mexico with modern science and includes breathing techniques and movements called energetic passes... gathering energy for Intent to manifest the new reality...


with Urtema Dolphin

Explore Oneness ~ Why is Oneness so important? Our Oneness journey...

Includes Oneness meditation and channelled guidance...


~ Tribal Social and Healing Exchange Zone with OneSpirit cafe serving delicious organic savoury and sweet high vibe delights to nourish, uplift and energize ~ including yummy raw organic smoothies, chocolates, cakes and herb teas and for this special extended Uplift event a savoury dinner of organic rice and lentils, vege sauce and salad

Sugar-Gluten-Dairy-Soy-Agave free

~ Global Shanti Tunes


Spirits, Hearts and Minds United as One with Love, Light and Joy

~ Planetary Update with Rebekah Shaman

~ LoveBeam Love, Peace and Unity Gaia Meditation & OM* with Jane Om ~ Unite heart to heart and beam Love, Light and Peace to Gaia and all Beings… so very powerful… involving short Guided Visualisation and intentional transcendent OM with Sacred Solfeggio* Singing Bowls

~ Sacred Chant


with Jane Om and OneBeat Live Ensemble

Get out of your mind into your heart and let your spirit fly

~ Celebratory ecstatic dance ~ warm up awareness… tuning into nature’s rhythm… breathing as One... Chakra Dance... balancing... Kundalini Shake… allowing... receiving... energy flowing... breath of fire... Shamanic GaiaDance... letting go... FreeSpirit Dance... dancing free as One... shift... Uplift... Being in the Now… natural ecstasy... bliss... LoveDance... spiral... unity... connection... joy... OneHeart ♥

~ With OneBeat live ensemble weaving joy-full uplifting ecstatic Gaia Dance rhythms... exploring various music styles – a mix of Shamanic Earthy, Ethnic, Eastern, Latin, House and Tribal Trance including Sacred Sounds with

Amir on drum kit/Bongos + Jane Om on Shamanic Drums/ Djembe / Percussion / Keys / DJing + Simon Wieland on Drum Pads / Djembe / DJing + Ken on Dun Duns/ Cajon/ Percussion + Dean on Congas/ Djembe + Peter Didge on Didgeridoo, Gongs and Hang Drum + Lenny on Bass + Seryn on sounds / DJing...

Hear a taster


~ Journey deep with transcendent Sacred Solfeggio* Bowls & Chimes, Magnificent Gong, Earthy Didgeridoo, Powerful Shamanic Drum, Radiant Hang Drum, Overtones and Sonic Sounds

with Jane Om, Peter Didge, Francisco and Seryn


~ Global Shanti Tunes
1.00am CLOSE
The above lineup is open to variation and times are approximate

~ All night high vibration Sacred Geometry visuals by Psybernism, Dimlo Sighs and The Template
~ High vibration channelled art by Daniel B. Holeman
* OneHeart Ecstatic Dance is a journey through facilitated warm up to get out of your mind into your body and heart, connect with Gaia and Spirit and balance the chakras... then Kundalini Shake to music which vibrantly shakes and shifts energy and raises Kundalini... then Gaia Dance which is all music (no wordy facilitation at all), weaving different music styles, rhythms and mood ~ you can freely dance as you feel, meditate, slow dance or go wild, eyes open or closed, connecting with others or in trance, letting the music flow through you and move as you feel in the moment... letting go, shifting energy and further raising Kundalini... uplifting... experiencing Love and Unity... elevating to natural ecstasy and joy...
* LoveBeam Om ~ Synchronised focused group Meditation and intentional OM for Love, Light and Peace for Gaia and all Beings is phenomenal and its power is not to be underestimated! Even more powerful when amplified with sound... As thoughts and feelings create reality... and the effect of the group is more than the sum total of each Being... the more Beings join in the more powerful the effect... and the consequential ripple effect of such transformation is profound... participating in this NOW is so important and so magnificent...
* Sacred Solfeggio are powerful special tones believed to impart tremendous transformational spiritual blessings - 396 Hz believed to liberate guilt and fear, shift blocked energy and ground with mother Earth + 528 Hz known as the transformation and miracles (DNA repair) love frequency and believed to awaken our hearts + 741 Hz believed to awaken intuition and expand consciousness + many more...
* Please see OneSpirit website or Meetup group info for more details about OneSpirit and about the different OneSpirit gatherings, the facilitators and crew, OneBeat musicians, LoveBeam Om, Sacred Solfeggio frequencies, cafe and venue...
Eve Gathering 7.00pm-1am: £15/£12/£10
Day Gathering 5-8pm: £10/£8/£6 ~ Less if attending Eve Gathering
Drum Circle 4-5pm: £10/£8/£6 ~ Less if attending other Gatherings
Drum Circle + Day Gathering 4-8pm: £15/£12/£9
Day + Eve Gatherings 5pm-1am: £20/£16/£13
The whole OneSpirit Uplift experience ~ highly recommended :)
Drum Circle + Day + Eve Gatherings: £25/£20/£16
* Sliding scale: Earners / Low Earners / Concessions
* Proof is required for concession rates - please show at the door
* Please arrive by 8.30pm when doors close and we journey together... if you really cannot arrive by this time please let us know before the day of the event so we can have your name at the entrance
* This is an adult only event ~ we have other gatherings when children can come
* Free filtered water is available at the event ~ we have some cups but it's a good idea to bring your own bottle to get started then refill
* Please bring a blanket on cold nights when we are doing Sacred Sound Bath Activation
* We welcome you to celebrate your birthday at OneSpirit ~ please contact us about special birthday arrangements
* At all our events we are now supporting YouthNet charity who help millions of young people in the UK to make choices today for a brighter tomorrow through engaging, informing and inspiring youth to achieve their ambitions and dreams ~
We have a collection box on the door...
The entrance to the Brix is round the left side as you approach from the Town Hall, Brixton Hill side. Or if you approach through the Peace Gardens the Brix entrance is in front of you. The Brix entrance is down a few stairs. We are on the 4th floor (the old Mass Club).

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