Public Record Requests as Open Data

Hosted by OpenOakland (Oakland's Code for America brigade)

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**Updated Location! East Bay for Everyone - 2044 Franklin St.**

Oakland's Municipal Code (Section 2.20) establishes the city's requirement to respond to reasonable requests for information about Oakland operations through public record requests (PRR), just as California's CPRA and the federal FOIA provide information to citizens about the operation of state and federal government.

As part of the ninth annual national Open Data Day, OpenOakland is organizing an afternoon of conversation towards improved, transparent communication as facilitated by Public Record Requests.

We are very pleased to announce an exciting set of speakers involved in PRRs from diverse perspectives:
- Jill Butler, Oakland Public Ethics Commissioner
- Reed Duecy-Gibbs from, the vendors behind Oakland's
- Tricia Hynes, Deputy City Attorney, Oakland City Attorney’s office
- James R. Jacobs, Stanford Library, member of National Archives FOIA advisory Committee
- Oliver Luby, Chief of Staff for Dan Kalb, Oakland City Council
- Michael Risher, civil-rights, civil-liberties and open-government attorney in Berkeley, CA

After short presentations from all the speakers and an opportunity for questions from the audience, we'll take a short break.

After the break, we'll divide into groups and try applying what we've learned towards our own PRR drafts. Some members of OpenOakland have ideas about PRR's they'd like to draft. We expect other members of the audience will, too. We'll get back together and quickly critique all the groups' drafts. We'll end the day by trying to generate some conclusions and next steps.

List of Oakland PRR-related resources here:

The list is still growing, bring your suggestions.

We hope to see you there!