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This meetup page is used to list Canoe/Kayak trips for the Outdoor Club of South Jersey (OCSJ). Trips are open to all dues paid OCSJ members. A paid member may invite a guest one time for each type of activity with leader approval.

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OCSJ is a member club. For $20 single or $25 family membership yearly, you have access to hundreds of trips and events at no extra charge (except costs for special events). This includes canoe/kayak trips, bicycling, cross country skiing as well as hiking, backpacking, camping and trail maintenance.

We are able to accept payment made on-line at www.ocsj.org (http://www.ocsj.org/) with Affinipay. You don't need an Affinipay account to use a credit card. We also accept checks. Go to our website http://www.ocsj.org (http://www.ocsj.org/) for more information.

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Parvin lake then upMuddy Run creek

Parvin State Park

Get started on the lake then up Muddy Run creek. Must be a member of ocsj member. To become a member go to ocsj.org. This little trip will shake the winter blue's away. We did this trip in October had a great time and water was above average.
Bring water, snacks, big brimmed hat, sunscreen, bug juice, your paddle. That one gets left behind sometimes. Wearing PFD is a must when in the boat. Go to rangers office to use clean bathroom. Then join us at the boat ramp. If you have a question about this trip ask. Hope you can make it. This is a fun trip. See you in the spring.

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