What we're about

Founded on 1st of May 2015. A unique platform to gather passionate individuals with regards to singing and performing arts for leisure through KTV

* What this Meetup Group is about

My aim of setting up this Ktv meetup group is to create a community of singing fanatics

Thus my members are known as Passionatics :p

Here are some other groups created for various interest and activities (feel free to check them out)

Passion Music Network ( https://www.meetup.com/PassionMusic/ ) and

Passion Club ( https://www.meetup.com/PassionClub/ )

* Who should join: Describe your ideal members

Anybody who is passionate about singing and performing arts ; No age restrictions or singing level

As long you like to sing or hear people sing ; we Welcome you

* Why you should join:

To learn from each other and to share our love of singing , or have fun through observing each other style and taste in music

* What members can expect: Describe typical activities

Rooms of around 10 rooms will be booked in advance
7 to 9 rooms of medium sizes and
1 to 3 big rooms for a communal activities (Passion Room)

1) After making payment ; Participants will be assign to their Respective rooms (6 to 8 pax each)

a) Will try to have an equal ratio of guys and girls as best as I could
Max 3 same gender friends together lol
For friends who want to stick together kindly let me know in advance

b) For friends who dun sing a lot let me know too so I can assign you to a room with more singers

2) Each Participant in a room is entitled to singing one song per round
participant can choose the various songs they want to sing and just insert it to the top when it is their turn.


PassionKtv Exclusive : PASSION ROOM
A new concept and experimental idea

A Special and HAPPENing room with some unique feature
in this room (will be held in the biggest room available 10 to 20 pax)
Audience(either participants from other rooms) and spectators allowed
Numbers of people in this room will be relaxed to try to create an electric environment.

Members in this room will be divided into

Feature Singers(6 to 8 Pax max)


Spectators (12 max --> Spectators will be charge at the basic price with no nominal fee ) ;

Feature Singers : will be expect to entertain the spectators and play along with the Singing games

Main role of the Feature Singers is to inspire the rest of the members to greater aspirations to improve their singing ; And not so much of who sings better or worse as all "歌神“ or "歌后” will have started somewhere

Will limit each member as Feature Singer to 3 consecutive times so other members have the chance to be a Feature Singer as well

Spectators : as name suggested they will not have the privilege of singing but can sing duet with the feature singers during the Duet Round segment(will have 2 to 3 rounds of Duets Segment)

They can also request to Sing Duet in other rooms with the Approval of the singers in the other room (will be flexible) ;

Kindly note that this is a request and singers have all the right to say no to your request for whatever reason they have.

i) Special Ktv singing games will be played

Special round robin of different themes of songs will be sang

Round 1 : Love songs
Round 2 : Breakup songs
Round 3 : Duets
Round 4 : Rock songs
Round 5 : R&B

Round 6 : Songs with particular word inside its name

eg. "水“ then Feature Singers will have to find songs with "水“ inside the name like "忘情水“(刘德华)

Round x : etc etc (possibilities are endless and only limited by our creativity)

ii) Better Singers will be featured and introduced
(short introduction will be featured on our page ; Feature Singers kindly give me a short introduction of your singing history so other members can know you better)
Open to DIY Album Singers/vocal teachers from any Music schools to join us to play the singing game
PassionKtv FULLY SUPPORT local/foreign singing talent
Will specially allow a short advertisement(2 to 3 mins) of any singing related business , promotion of your albums ,singing related.
For Featured Singers it would be good if you can provide me with some information of your singing journey so I can share it with our members to know you better
For a start I will handpick a few friends(with their approval) that will play the game with me ; Feel free to volunteer yourself if you want to be in this special room

iii) Inviting famous Singers or musicians or songwriters to jam with us ??

iv) Sharing an Original song
(but using the given Ktv system as music accompliment)
If I think of more new ideas l it will be added

v) Celebration of Members’ Birthday
If your birthday falls on this month ; Let me know in advance and we can celebrate for you with a cake and birthday song in the Passion Room

Lastly and most important thing is we all have a lot of FUN and ENJOYMENT

and make a lot of new singing and music FRIENDS

Looking forward to seeing you all ;

Peace ^^


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