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What we’re about


Do you want to have all-day energy? Improve memory? Get sick less? Stop destructive habits? Improve mood? Lose fat and gain muscle? Get great sleep nightly? Run a marathon? Be more present? 

In this meetup, we will all learn the shortest path to these and many more goals by hearing from experts and learning about cutting edge consumer technology wearables, devices, tracking softwares, and services to quantifiably measure progress toward our goals. Recent years have provided us with the tools to effortlessly track our physical activity and nutrition to help us look better and feel better. We're discovering what to eat to energize us. And we're learning simple tricks to help us perform at a high level EVERY DAY. 

Let's dive in, learn, and grow together. We'll cover: 

• neurohacking, biohacking, lifehacking

• bioDIY

• wearables, activity trackers

• quantified self

• biotech, neurotech

• fit tech, fitness technology

• nutrition, healthy food

• wellness, mindfulness, healthy living

• consciousness

• transhumanism

• self improvement

• work optimization

• alternative medicine, supplements

• biofeedback, neurofeedback

• dieting, weight loss

• spirituality

• fitness