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Philosophy Matters is for people who think deeply about the big questions in life and about the universe. Does God exist? Is morality subjective? How do we sort genuine knowledge from mere opinion? How is our minds related to our brains? Is this world just an illusion? If these are the kinds of questions that bug you, then join this Meetup. We discuss questions in all areas of philosophy: ethics, epistemology, logic and metaphysics.

We are called 'Philosophy Matters' because we are also deeply interested in questions that impact our daily lives. Are we obligated to help people in far away countries? Is abortion ever permissible? What form of democracy works best? Should we teach creationism in our schools? Come and join our conversation at our monthly meetings. Be prepared to argue for your views and to be challenged. In this group, members are not content to simply state their opinions. In the true spirit of philosophical discourse, we back up our views with reasons, not feelings or intuition.

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Buddhism and Science: Differing Technologies for Mental Health

Online event

This event is being co-hosted by our sister Meetup group, The Philosopher's Bazaar.

What can 2,500 years of striving for Buddhist enlightenment tell us about mental health in the 21st century? Is there a place for science in the path to enlightenment and a place for Buddhist views in the scientific attempt to understand the mind? Learn why Buddhists still get angry, why psychology can't cure anxiety or depression, and how to strive for long term mental health while still reaping short-term rewards.

BIO: Corey Jackson is a PhD candidate researching the underlying causes of anxiety, depression and emotional dysfunction. His research is the culmination of a degree in Psychology and Sanskrit plus more than twenty years studying and translating Buddhist philosophy from Tibetan to English. Comfortable in a research lab or mountain monastery, Corey's work and research sits at the intersection of scientific and contemplative tradition. These days he works as a meditation teacher, emotion and stress management coach. Before any of this, he was a jazz pianist in Toronto, Canada.

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Philosophy of Science Demystified and Desanctified

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