Competition Night


Ladies, are you ready to rummmmble?!? It sounds much better when I say it than when I write it. Hm.

* Don't let the word "Competition" scare you away from this event. This event is open to ALL level of shooters. If nothing else, it's really good target practice.

You do not have to 'compete', but I do encourage every shooter to participate as a competitor in this event. It is a great opportunity to add a little bit of pressure to your shooting to see how you do. This event is about accuracy, but it is also about experience.

This competition is for .380, 9mm, .40 or .45 caliber semi-automatic pistols. You can also compete with a .38 revolver. You are limited to just one gun for this event, so pick the gun you shoot best. If you need to borrow a gun, please let me know.

You'll need 50 rounds of ammo, a black or blue marker and your normal accompaniment of safety gear. I will bring the targets (the type is undisclosed at this time). I will also bring a score card (to track your shots upon completion of the shooting).

There will be prizes for the top 3 competitors. Prizes to be determined.

Here is how it works.

1) Upon arrival, let us know if you are participating as a competitor. Again, I encourage everyone to participate as a competitor. Each shooter will get five targets, one for each round of shooting. Ensure you put your name on each target and number them 1 to 5.

2) We anticipate a large attendance, so we'll group ladies two or three to a lane.

3) The targets will be placed at the 7 yard line (the second yellow line in the firing lane).

4) Each shooter will fire 10 rounds/firing turn.

5) Upon completion of each round, the shooter will pull her target back and WAIT to score her targets until after all 5 rounds have been completed.

6) After all shooters in your lane are done shooting, shooters will score their targets in the lobby area. Each shooter will count the shots and record the score on the shot tracker. When you count your holes, you start from the 10 ring and work your way to the 9 ring, 8 ring and so-on. If the shot hole hit a line, you count the next highest score. For instance, if the hole is on the line between the 8 and the 9, that shot counts as a 9.

7) Once all score cards are complete, we'll determine who the winners are.

There can only be one 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, so if we have a tie, we will have additional rounds until the score is settled. The 1st place winner will choose her prize of three choices. The 2nd place winner will chose her prize. The 3rd place shooter will get the remaining prize.

Instructors are encouraged to participate, but they are excluded from the prizes.

Super excited to see everyone there.

Teresa - Host /Organizer

For the new shooters here is a link to the rules of The Range - it would be beneficial to read before your first visit:!Safety-Rules-For-Shooting-at-The-Range/cyoz/56413e370cf2e1ca2790b8f9

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