Speed Drills


Hello ladies,

If you have the time to attend, but you do not wish to participate in the speed drills, you don't have to. Join us and hone your skills in whichever manner you are most comfortable.

It's time to step it up a notch. We are going to practice speed drills today. How it works:

1) Loaded magazine and empty safe gun on table - pointed down range

2) Shooter has her back turned to the target

3) When ready the shooter turns to her target, loads her magazine into her gun (all of this happens as the gun is pointed DOWN range) and she fires five rounds as accurately as she can at center mass.

We'll do this for a few rounds, see how each other is doing, then we'll continue to do more. Your rounds will go fast, so if you are able, consider bringing more ammo than usual.

Adding an element of speed, even a small one, really brings us back to the FIVE fundamentals.

This event is open to all shooting levels who need little to no guidance. Whether you're ready to try this or not, we encourage you to attend. As always, we want each shooter to shoot to her own ability with encouraging her to continue to hone her skills.

Your PPL Team