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Saddleback Writers Guild
The Saddleback Writers Guild meets weekly on Monday evenings near Mission Viejo Mall). We critique genres ranging from historical fiction, mystery/suspense, satire, fantasy, etc. About our Group: This circle has been designed for committed writers who are dedicated to collaborating through the process of novel revision and publication. Our main goal is to work together wisely, positively and productively. Our supportive circle and in-depth discussions inspire an exchange of creative insights, and ultimately, our success as authors. Our Process: -We gather weekly as a serious, cohesive group to collaborate on the craft of fiction. -Focusing on the construct of the novel, we limit critiques to broad-level concerns, i.e., character and plot development, structure, action, conflict, setting, tension, suspense and point of view. We do not exchange sentence-level critiques or line-edit for grammar and mechanics. -Our main goal: to work together through the process of completion, revision and publication. Our Status: This group, which welcomes dedicated writers willing to interact positively and exchange critiques in a professional format, is currently full. We do maintain a waiting list, however. If you are interested in being placed on our waiting list, please email Mel at InOtherWords AT msn DOT com ([masked]). A short list of published works by SWG authors follows: Matilda's Story Published August, 1997 by Jacquelyn Hanson ( Matilda's Story is a biographical novel based on the life of Matilda Randolph, a courageous pioneer woman whose colorful life led her from Illinois to Kansas, then across the California Trail in a covered wagon to California. Matilda lived through a very turbulent period in American History. Matilda's Story is the history of the time as seen through the eyes of one young woman as she struggled to survive over odds that seem almost overwhelming to people of today. The book has been well researched, and fictional episodes are based on contemporary writings. Readers who enjoy authentic, first hand accounts of pioneer days will appreciate Matilda's Story. We look forward to hearing from you! Mel

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"The dreamers of the day are dangerous people.

For they dream their dreams with open eyes, and make them come true.”

~D.H. Lawrence

Poets and Dreamers

Featured in CBS Los Angeles as a best resource for writers, between our three related groups, Poets and Dreamers thrives as a multi-faceted circle of over one thousand professional and creative writers who gather throughout Southern California. Our vibrant, active circle represents established and aspiring authors of commercial fiction, non-fiction, memoir, romance, crime and legal fiction, short fiction, screenplays, literary fiction, historical fiction, professional communications, poetry, and more. Within the many specialized circles that meet, our in-depth discussions inspire a brilliant exchange of literary insights, and ultimately, the fruition of our dreams as writers.

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Our Process:

-Our writers gather weekly or bi-weekly as professional, cohesive groups to collaborate on the craft.

-We encourage wise creative experimentation while drawing on the collective genius of our literary masters.

-We devote a generous amount of time to in-depth exploration of each writer's work.

-Viable works-in-progress and a commitment to interact positively/professionally are crucial.

-Our main goal: to support thriving groups that work together wisely, positively and productively through the process of completion, revision and publication.

Our Status:

We look forward to working with you as you establish and meet your goals as a writer.
Important elements you should bring to the group:

-Writing background and/or an intense desire to create great works
-Viable work(s)-in-progress
-Commitment to interact positively and exchange critiques in a professional format.

If you would like to take part as a crucial contributor to this intensive, collaborative experience, join our creative circle today and work with us!

Please also consider joining us at our two additional sites: ( (

Anne Tammel

Owner of Poets and Dreamers: Authors and Writers of Southern California

"Make the most of yourself, for that is all there is of you."

~Ralph Waldo Emerson

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