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Aug 18 Sacred Sound Concert: Flute, Crystal Singing Bowls, Mystic Chimes, Gongs
This will be an extraordinary event. Come join both Denise Foster and Gabriel of the Light in this magical event at the amazing Healium Art Center. We will start by opening our Chakras with the powerful Chakra Chants. This will allow us to absorb the Healing tones of the Crystal Singing Bowls and various Sound Healing instruments. Each chakra has a sanskrit seed syllable sound that activates, cleanses and balances each Chakra. We will chant these sounds, which can put you in an alpha dream/meditation state, while preparing us to absorb the Healing Sounds. Crown: So Hum Gold/White spirit Third Eye: Aum/Om Indigo/violet sight Throat: Ham Light Blue ether Heart: Yam Green air Solar Plexus: Ram Yellow fire Sacral: Vam Orange water Root: Lam Red earth Denise Foster was born with many Gifts of Spirit. Denise has been a Reiki Master/Teacher for over 20 years, specializing in Chakra Balance Crystal Healings. She will play the Crystal Singing Bowls with Wave Drum, Mystic Chimes & Tuning Forks. This is the part where you get to relax and absorb these Healing Tones. The Tones produced by "Crystal Singing Bowls" are not just heard by ear, but can also be felt in your physical body, touching the essence of your soul. Each of the 7 Bowls resonate to a different Chakra, musical note, color as well as various organs in your body. Singing Bowls along with toning and chanting may produce Healing effects. This modality is known for relaxation, stress and pain removal as well as self awareness. Beautiful Mystic Chimes are also used with its original sound of 70 bars. Gabriel of the Light, also a Reiki Healer, is a certified Vibrational Sound Therapist. Gabriel has spread his Sound Healing in the United States, Costa Rica and Ecuador. Various Sound Healing instruments used are Crystal Singing Bowls, Drums, Flute, Gongs, as well as various other instruments. I am so excited to finally work with my beautiful friends Jim & Donna of the amazing Healium Art Studio. You can find out about their "Open Studio Wednesdays" here: You can bring your yoga mat if you'd like, meditation cushion and water. The energy produced may be intense. Therefore, no children under the age of 16. Thank You for understanding. $16.29 We're looking forward to seeing you! Namaste, Denise/Gabriel Nelson/Jim/Donna

Healium Center Candler Park

344 Candler Park Dr NE · Atlanta, GA

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This group is for those who are in search of growing their Psychic and Intuitive abilities. Each week will cover a different topic such as: Angels, Chakra's, Readings, Telepathy, Pendulums, Spirit guides, Psychometry, Premonitions, Energy Healing, Astral projection, Totem animals, Dream interpretation and Animal Communication.After each interactive discussion which is open to Q&A’s, a guided meditation with a crystal singing bowl will end the class.

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