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This group is for those who are in search of growing their Psychic and Intuitive abilities. Each week will cover a different topic such as: Angels, Chakra's, Readings, Telepathy, Pendulums, Spirit guides, Psychometry, Premonitions, Energy Healing, Astral projection, Totem animals, Dream interpretation and Animal Communication.After each interactive discussion which is open to Q&A’s, a guided meditation with a crystal singing bowl will end the class.

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Sat Jan 26 Reiki Level 2 towards certification

City Of Light Church

This is the 2nd level of becoming a Reiki Master! Prerequisite is Reiki 1. This class will provide you with valuable tools to use each day of your life. Reiki II Workshop includes the following: *Sacred Reiki symbols & how to use them *Intro to the Violet Flame *Sound Healing Reiki meditation with the crystal singing bowls *Long Distant Healing Technique *Diving deeper into the Chakra System *Japanese Reiki *Technique’sSpirit release & cutting cords -Meditation with Sacred Sound Healing to meet your Reiki Master Teacher -Reiki Practice session individual & group *Reiki II manual Vegetarian lunch included. $199. Space is limited, your deposit holds your space in class. If you have taken Reiki 1 with me then you will receive a $25. discount $175.00. Please sign up below or through my website by 1/23/19. https://www.paypal.me/ChakraBalanceATLANTA/99 deposit I can be reached at [masked] or [masked] . http://www.chakrabalancedenise.com/usui-reiki/

Sun Jan 27 "Soulful Breathwork & Sacred Sound Bath" The City of Light 3pm

Plamen Russev will gently lead you. A single session of breathwork can change your life, creating immediate and permanent results. "Soulful Breathwork" is a safe and effective way to heal past trauma by releasing old pain, grief, anger, fear or other unexpressed emotions. It can also transform the present by helping to relieve stress, harmonize emotions and increase vitality. Great for stress or anxiety relief, peace of mind, mental clarity, emotional healing, self development, spiritual connection. Following the Breathwork is the "Sacred Sound Bath Concert," to release dense and stressful energies. Gentle vibrations wash over you as harmonious sounds reduce brain wave activity. Sacred Sound is also known for relaxation, pain removal and self-awareness. You may find your chakras are bought into balance, while your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies are aligned. The feel good chemicals in our body are also released. Denise Foster has been a Reiki Master/Teacher for over 20 years, specializing in Chakra Balance Crystal Healings sessions that incorporate Sound Healing. Denise has been playing the Crystal Singing Bowls now for over 10 years. Her Healing energy, gets amplified through the bowls while playing. She will play the Crystal Singing Bowls with Wave Drum, Mystic Chimes, Rain Stick, Bells & Tongue Drum. $25. prepaid $30. at the door. https://www.paypal.me/ChakraBalanceATLANTA/25 Location: "The City of Light" 3125 Presidential Parkway, Atlanta. You can bring your yoga mat if you'd like, meditation cushion and water. Floor space is available on a first come first serve basis. Once the floor is filled up, the remaining attendees will be provided with chairs. Due to the intense energy, no children under 16, Thanks. If you have prepaid and can not make it last minute, you will be able to use it the following month (within 30 days) at the same venue. comment from recent event " I recently went to India and sat under the Buddah tree. This Breathwork/Sound Event" was a much more powerful experience." Bonnie

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