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Meeting new people is a challenge and do you ever find yourself having more than enough things to do but no one to do it with. Expect an eclectic mix of activities ranging from happy hours to movies, plays or concerts, live music, dancing, and outdoorsy stuff like kayaking or bicycling and more (whatever randomly pops in our heads or you suggest). Expect food of some sort before, after or during many events.

This group is for people who don't take themselves too seriously and want to meet others in small groups.

If you want to be an event host so you may post an outing just let us know. The cool thing about hosting is you pick, the what, where and when of things that you want to do!

Please invite others to join our group to help it be vibrant.

Welcome aboard!

Don't send instant messages through meetup to folks you haven't met. Propositions to meet outside of meetup events to a virtual stranger is creepy. Of course a relevant message to an event host regarding an upcoming meetup is different.

Thank you for that consideration.

Players there are plenty of other sites if you just want to hook up one on one, don't make folks feel unsafe here. If you have done a meetup with someone and want to send them a good to see/meet you followup to me that is totally different, but if they do not reply or aren't interested don't be a "meetup creep". Of course it's great if folks "meetup" and some magic develops. So please remember while it is fun to "meetup", this group is not "hookup.com" or "match.com". Not everyone here is single or seeking a romance.

Remember if you receive an unsolicited message or suspicious or inappropriate behavior, please report it to Paul S, it is grounds for immediate dismissal of violating party. They probably are spamming others here and in other groups. We will ban them.


By joining this group, RSVPing to events, and attending events, you are confirming that you have read, understand, accept and are legally bound by the following:

1. Random-Fun-Stuff-I-Want-To-Do-On-a-Short-Notice-Club is a meetup group. Attending events or trips is voluntary by you as a member. Participation in any activity with us by you is at your own risk. You assume the risk for any guest you bring, adult or minor.

2. By joining Random-Fun-Stuff-I-Want-To-Do-On-a-Short-Notice-Club as a member you agree to indemnify and hold harmless the group, it's organizers, co-organizers, assistant organizers, event hosts, other members and guests from all claims or liability of every type (including court costs and legal fees) for injury or death to any person or for damage to property, loss of personal property or any other wrongful act arising out of or relating to your participation as a member. This agreement applies to you and to other persons who may accompany you in these endeavors, adult or minor.

3. You also agree to hold the organizers as well as other group members harmless. By participating voluntarily in the group, you expressly waive any and all such claims against each and every other member and their guests in the group, including without limitation any and all claims against the group organizers, co-organizers, assistant organizers, and event hosts.

4. Any social events or trips that Random-Fun-Stuff-I-Want-To-Do-On-a-Short-Notice-Club sponsors, holds or provides information about will fall also under the same Disclaimer and Liability guidelines listed above.

5. Negative or adversarial comments, posts or actions will result in removal and banning of the offending party.

For biking events we recommend, https://www.meetup.com/tampa-bay-cycling/

Upcoming events (4+)

Kozuba Distillery Tasting and Five Deuces Galleria Art Show

Five Deuces Galleria

For this tasting we will be bringing our BarBox Craft Cocktails in Margarita, Cosmopolitan , Blueberry Vodka Sour, Negroni, and Gin Lemonade. Made with all premium distilled spirits made in St. Pete. All natural, no artificial flavors, colors, gluten free. Delicious craft cocktails all ready to drink. Five Deuces Galleria has a great art show of 33 guest artists and 7 resident artists. Come taste these wonderful cocktails mingle with some nice fun people and cruise the fabulous artworks at the gallery. We are located at the end of the same parking lot as 3Daughters Brewery which also has live music and tasty brews. See you Friday.

Critical Mass social bike ride 10 to 15 Miles at 10 mph, 🚴‍♀️🚴🚴‍♀️🚴‍♀️🚴

Critical Mass is a worldwide movement to help promote “share the road”. We come together to ride bicycles, creating awareness, respect, community and fun.


We will be riding with the St Pete Critical mass group of maybe 40 people.

ST PETE —This ride is held on the last Friday of every month. In St. Pete, the gathering starts at at 7pm at Williams Park in Downtown — leaving at 7:30 sharp, so arrive by no later than 720.

This is a free, community-organized, family-friendly and medium-paced ride at about 10 mph, usually 10 to 15 miles long. All bikes and ages welcome! Don’t forget to tag your photos with #SPCM.

Be sure to have plenty of air before the ride so you can avoid flats. Florida law also requires bicycles to have front and rear lights at night and for all children under 16 to wear helmets.

Ride respectfully and responsibly. Ride at your own risk.

For more St. Pete Critical Mass ride information, contact https://www.facebook.com/groups/618110148259617/

When I went before most folks went out for refreshments. This month ride starts at Williams Park and ends at Fergs on Central.

We will be part of a larger public group. When I went there was a very vibrant, festive crowd.

Check out facebook for current month. https://www.facebook.com/groups/618110148259617/ for group

See photos of biking at Critical Mass by hitting slideshow at https://www.meetup.com/tampabayadventures/photos/29052576/473256093/#[masked]


The Critical Mass ride will move at a fairly casual pace of 10 mph. The ride is ~10 to 12 miles. The rides are at night, so we HIGHLY recommend Lights (LOTS of lights!) (Law REQUIRES lights at night, but that'll be between you and the popos. We're not your mom.) Critical Mass is a large group ride to have FUN, meet new people, and to promote urban bicycle safety, skills, & confidence.

By attending You accept all responsibility for risk of injury in this nighttime activity.

Remember besides lights being important on this nighttime ride that bright clothes and a helmet would be prudent too. Critical Mass does NOT have a support vehicle so test your bike before you get there, inflating tires and take a spin testing brakes and gears etc.

Questions? Post them here or im me through Meetup.

We are part of a larger group who are the actual hosts. So you need to look for other meetup members and say hi, as there are 30 to 50 riders or so, they may not recognize you if you don't make an effort to mingle.

• See all our rides we need you with us!

Join our 5000 plus member Facebook group and invite your friends to it! Here's the link! https://www.facebook.com/groups/TampaBayCycling/ for multi day fun bike trips check out https://www.meetup.com/funbiketrips/

Do you wish there were more rides that were at a different speed than this one, maybe shorter or longer, and closer to your house or work, or at a different time of day, or other types of events? Message Christy or Paul through meetup and they will make you a host so you can post it. The more variety in events and hosts we have the better.


Online event


Click on this link for more information and details:


4 per household. Takes maybe 60 seconds to order. I got mine!

Feel free to share.


Any interest in multiple day bike or kayak trips?

Thinking of Florida, Gulf Coast and also Key West when it is cold up north, as well as NYC at Labor Day weekend when city is pretty empty, and a Door County week on Lake Michigan and also the 320 mile Ohio to Erie Trail to escape the summer heat along the east coast and south in late June and July.

If you want information on multi-day biking or kayaking events just sign up below to get first offerings.

We anticipate no more than 14 emails a year. Happy 2022!

For Biking Tours Sign up at >> https://vr2.verticalresponse.com/s/websitesignupform40681930231007

For Kayaking Tours Sign up at >> https://vr2.verticalresponse.com/s/websitesignupform0106202220617pm

Once you sign up please immediately check your email, if you don't see a follow-up confirm opt in check spam. We are using a double opt in and some folks with yahoo, gmail, hotmail, msn say they went into spam. Until you click second email you are not going to get newsletter. If it is in spam, just click NOT SPAM, then OPT IN.

Coming soon www.wowbiketours.com www.wowkayaktours.com

Fenway Music Series...Oysters and Bubbles

Fenway Hotel, Autograph Collection

Live music, sunset, and Oysters!
Half Dozen Roasted Oysters on the Half Shell, Roasted with garlic, parmesan, bread crumb butter and a full bar
This is an open, ticket-less event.
Limited seating available for this event. We recommend bringing lawn chairs or a blanket and making yourself comfortable on our front lawn!

I have no clue who the "live music" is but sometimes, you have to take chances. Parking IS by valet and very limited in the hood. The sunset alone is an event and the front lawn is huge but hard and lumpy, so bring a chair. Last time, there was plenty of seating so maybe keep the chairs in your car just in case.. See you there!

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