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Reinventing Work: Bristol meet on the first Thursday of the month to share and explore new ways of working. Also to share snacks and a beer or soft drink. Our purpose is to make Bristol a better place to work.

We will look to continue the great work of the RSA Reinventing Work South West series which started exploring the meaning of self-management in the workplace. We’ll aim to make Bristol a better place to work by helping you to learn the techniques used by other organisations who have moved away from the traditional, hierarchical ways of working that most of us are used to. Why? Because work should be fulfilling and fun. A big ask we know but let’s try.

Are you wondering if this meetup is for you?

Reinventing Work: Bristol is aimed at people in organisations that are transitioning (or have already transitioned) to being ‘next stage’ (or ‘teal’), and people who’d like to help their organisation to do so. If you’ve heard of Frederic Laloux’s book ‘Reinventing Organisations’, the Corporate Rebels blog, or the Leadermorphosis podcast, then it is definitely for you! If you haven’t, here are some links:

• Laloux’s book (

• The Reinventing Organisations wiki (

• Corporate Rebels (

• Leadermorphosis (

Have a read/listen/browse and if the ideas sound like fun then you’ll fit right in. We want this group to be inclusive, so we do encourage people who are curious about self-management to come along. We also want it to be for organisations who are on, or about to begin, their self-management journey. So if you don’t get excited about the thought of self-managing teams or purpose and wholeness at work, or you’re just looking to network, then this probably isn’t the meetup for you.

Our intention is for Reinventing Work: Bristol to run like a self-managing organisation, so for each meetup to be self-organising and led by the whole group. There'll be no lengthy agendas (though items may emerge from the group) nor slide decks, and definitely no keynote speakers waffling on at the front.

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