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Welcome to the Rhode Island Hiking Club
The Rhode Island Hiking Club " Walks & Rambles "offer's a variety of hikes from the beginner to the more experienced .We tend to engage in rather challenging hikes often through rough terrain. The purpose of this meetup is to get physically capable people together who want to get out and enjoy the beauty of some of RI's nicest places on foot. This Meetup is for people who enjoy a hike that leaves them satisfied in both the physical level of exertion, the enjoyment of the outdoors, and all the refreshment a hike has to offer the body and mind. This Meetup provides an opportunity to enjoy nature in the company of other adults without the distraction of cellphones,( kids), and or (dogs). If you are someone that likes to push yourself physically beyond a pleasant stroll and are at a decent level of physical fitness, then this could be a fun and rewarding Meetup for you. 
***To JOIN you must include a clear identifiable picture of yourself. ***
It is important for the Organizers and members to be able to recognize you for safety so include your first name.
On 11/11/2011, I became the groups fourth Organizer . I hope to continue and expand the group as we move into the new year .By keeping with the groups original format . We are a hiking group based on the book ( Weekend Walks in Rhode Island by Ken Weber ). Thanks to Michael the clubs founder for starting this group. My goal is offer more people like yourselves the opportunity to experience what this little state has to offer and our surrounding neighbors Connecticut and Massachusetts and with occasional hikes to New Hampshire . Most people have no idea what is right in there back yard . My intent is to show them . We offer good exercise , good company and short travel all at no charge .What else could you ask for .
During the winter months we will continue hiking through the season along will more activities such as snow shoeing and cross country skiing , possibly ..
When the Summer months approach we will continue to hike either evenings or early mornings .We also will need more organizer’s to do this and I cant stress this enough . With your help we can make a good club a great one .
See you soon ,
The following write up is from when Walks & Rambles first started in September of 2009.
We will plan hikes on a weekly basis for Saturday mornings, many Sundays as well, with some after work "walks" as well during the longer daylight days of summer. Weather in RI is always a factor so there's a good chance we won't meet every Saturday. Heavy rain will cancel a hike as will as a particularly hot and humid day in the summer, but most other conditions are suitable for a decent time.
The laundry and cleaning can wait till you get home. Put yourself first, make some friends, have some fun and improve your outlook.
Note: I left the original name Walks and Rambles in the write up as a tribute to Ken Weber, and Michael, who had the foresight to start this Club back in Sept. 2009.

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