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AR/VR IRL Meetup

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Colin S. and 2 others


Note the Venue change: 601 Townsend (2 blocks down)

MAIN Adobe building.

What an insane RSVP! Hope to see you all there. We will do our best to feed everyone but probably can't guarantee it, so keep it in mind.


We're used to shifting industies, creative, trends, and budgets. What happens when the forms themselves shift? This month we have two amazing presenters who will share their experience building projects as varied as 3D printing, projection mapping, interactive media, virtual reality, projection mapping, 360 video, even hardware design! One is a fine artist obsessed with immersive audiovisual experiences that’s embodied both in physical and digital spaces, and the other has founded award-winning interactive studios and tech. Don't miss this one!

Also, regular host Mathew Law will be featuring a script of the month by Rafi Khan (, creator of K-Bar. Give aways courtesy of aescripts + aeplugins (! Also, featuring the SF Content Creators awesome raffle! Prizes from Maxon (, Red Giant (, Digital Anarchy (, Swordfish/Mekajiki (, ToolFarm, Re:VisionFX, and Black Magic Design (! Must be present to win.

Food and beverages to be provided.

Our Speakers:



Can Buyukberber is a visual artist working on immersive audiovisual experiences that’s embodied both in physical and digital spaces. His practice consists of experiments with different mediums and display technologies, such as projection mapping, virtual reality, geodesic domes and digital fabrication methods. Driven by an interdisciplinary thinking which extends to art, design and science, Buyukberber’s work often focuses on human perception, exploring new methods for non-linear narratives, geometrical order, synergetics and emergent forms. He has exhibited in international media art festivals, conferences and galleries in Europe, Canada and United States, including collaborations with Grammy-Award winning rock band Tool and Czech Philharmonic Orchestra. He is currently graduated from San Francisco Art Institute's Art and Technology MFA program as a Fulbright Grantee and completed his artist residency at Autodesk’s Pier 9 AiR Program.


Tactic (

Peter is a 20 year veteran in digital entertainment and CGI. Prior to this, Peter, along with partners, had founded several well regarded digital firms, including the interactive/UX firm Float Hybrid Entertainment, the Academy Award and Emmy Award winning visual effects studio Giant Killer Robots, as well as Hollywood's original previsualization firm, Pixel Liberation Front. Peter combines this past experience in digital animation and interactive visualization through involvement in projects and products centered around new digital formats, including gesture, touch, augmented reality, and real-time 3D environments.Tactic ( / Peterobot (
Adobe SF Offices
601 Townsend · San Francisco, CA
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