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Makin' it Move with Monique

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Makin' it Move with Monique


Welcome back SF Content Creators!

We're so happy to feature Monique Wray this month. Monique Wray is an animator and director based out of San Francisco. Her career began in her hometown Miami where she studied Computer Animation and dreamed of one day working at Pixar. While her goals have shifted she’s still drawn to character driven, technically challenging work. Her work spans a range of mediums, including interactive.

She currently runs her own studio, Small, where she helps clients communicate ideas through motion and illustration.

She'll discuss the process behind her iOS sticker pack, Brown Skin Ladies, including how to utilize xCode and upload your stickers to the App Store, as well as share what inspired its creation, and speak on the importance of self-initiated work at all levels in one’s career.

Brown Skin Ladies
Adobe SF Offices
601 Townsend · San Francisco, CA
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