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Lightning Talks

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Colin S.
Lightning Talks


In our April meetup, it's time for Lightning Talks!

5(ish) Slides
5(ish) Speakers
5(ish) Minutes

Expect fast facts, quick breakdowns, humorous anecdotes, and tiny demos.

Here's who is slated so far:

Matt Silverman
Principal/Owner Swordfish SF
360 Drone Photography

Colin Evoy Sebestyen
GLSL for Live Visuals

Jared Vineyard
Indie Film Production

Jonathan Lowe
Organizer, Narrative VR Meetup []
Cubemaps and equirectangular images for VR

James McClendon
Creator, Hijinks Mag
New forms for variety entertainment

Suyash Joshi
Creative Technologist & Magician
Principal at Creative Think Studios
Interactive Mind Reading Chatbot Performance

Have something you want to bring to the group? Message us and we can add you to the list of speakers.

Also, huge thanks to sponsors Adobe, who are now also helping support food/beverages in addition to the space.
Adobe SF Offices
601 Townsend · San Francisco, CA
How to find us

Be prepared to meet at security at the front. You'll need to sign in and wear a badge.

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