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Futures Platform Workshop - SF Speculative Futures

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Futures Platform Workshop - SF Speculative Futures


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Hi Everyone!

We are happy to be hosting a workshop by Futures Platform. They presented at Primer last year, and here is another chance to work with an exciting team using their innovative technology.

Synthesizing Trend Aggregation for Design

Experience the power of a digital tool to enhance collaborative foresight work in the context of mapping future change and innovating new concepts. During this workshop, we will explore Futures Platform, a new foresight tool to help with trend aggregation by utilizing it during a short futures workshop to create a scenario or artifact from the future.

In this workshop participants will work in a team(s) to:

  • Create a holistic picture of change: Work together to build a 360 degree view of trends and emerging issues that will alter the landscape in the near, medium and long term future
  • Engage in a collaborative process to prioritize drivers of change.
  • Prioritize the key future forces to be considered, considering the innovation context we are working with.
  • Use a structured approach to map implications of key trends and phenomena
  • Collect points of view and suggestions about opportunities, risks, and new innovation possibilities that each of the key trends is creating.
  • Work together to conceive one or several new product or service concepts, that are based on a combination of the key trends/phenomena that together disrupt existing markets and create new needs and opportunity for the novel product of service concept.

As a result of the workshop participants will have an experience of how holistic mapping of change opens up thinking to include a broad view of societal change, and how a structured, collaborative process to assess the key changes can help identify new innovation opportunities. Participants will also experience how a digital foresight tool can aid in the process of strategic foresight and innovation.

5:30-6:30 Networking and snacks

6:30-8 Main Event

8: Wrap up

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