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Introduction to Programming Money - Release your own token/coin within an hour.
Fodé Diop is a leading smart contract developer in the blockchain space. Yeah, yeah...I know it's last minute, but drop what you're doing...leave that other Meetup and go to this one instead! This is the 1st of 6 Mondays you won't want to miss! ... Meetup Notes: Welcome to our very first Introductory Meetup. Come to learn how to program Ethereum Smart Contracts and let's code ourselves out of poverty 😎 #MoneyMondays Details: We will within the first hour alter existing code and deploy our first token/coin to the Ethereum Blockchain. Our goal is to help anybody learn how to code via crafting Ethereum Smart Contracts. You don't need to have prior knowledge, but it will definitely be helpful to have been exposed to programming concepts in any programming language. For the second hour, we'll wrap up with some next steps to take to be successful in these meetup series. What you will need: 1. A browser wallet like Metamask: 2. Some test Ether: Documentation: 1. Solidity Programming Language: 2. ERC-20 standard: ABOUT FODÉ Fodé Diop is the CEO and Founder at Jotali, a Machine to Machine Natural Language Translation Protocol powered by Ethereum Smart Contracts. Join his new Meetup group! Yes it. You'll be sorry if you don't. ~ ABOUT STARFISH MISSION Starfish Mission is a pioneering hub for the blockchain community - founded by the Starfish Network. We are dedicated to creating spaces and learning opportunities for the community which inspires us; to change commerce, communication and governance, effectively upgrading the operating system of our world. Why Starfish? Starfish are decentralized, resilient organisms with no central control unit. All the arms communicate with each other to decide where to move next. We are Starfish. You are Starfish. Contact info @ Visit Follow Telegram:

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