What we're about

This is a forum for gay men who are actively seeking, or even already in, a committed, long term, romantic relationship. Our meetup is safe and open place to discuss and find like-minded individuals who seek MORE from their romantic connections.

The reason we are meeting is that there "appears" to be a majority within the SF gay male culture skewing towards quick "hookups", over investing the time necessary to develop a real, solid, stable, long term, romantic connections.

Singles and couples are both welcome. It may be interesting to explore your own relationship and take it to a deeper level.

This is a group dedicated to those who seek to explore within themselves, and discover what is individually important for your individual relationship... and in some cases break through our own barriers that may be preventing your enjoying that romantic relationship that you seek.

We will be speaking from "I" statements, sharing our own desires, values and needs, with the goal of greater self understanding, and sharing our personal experience that other group members may find valuable, possibly including in their own lives. Ultimately, I'd like to build a bond of trust and support amongst each other such that we can encourage one another along our own journey to the goal of deeper, stable, long term, romantic relationships.

***This is not a formal support group and is NOT led by a therapist.

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