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IT Poetry: Distilled Learning from Our Experiences
Join us at June's SQuAD meeting where Sue Uyetake will be sharing her thoughts on Distilled Learning from our Experiences. What Sue Uyetake calls IT Poetry—or distilled learning—is a great communications approach. A way of distilling “What Is” statements as a troubleshooting tool and a way to lighten the moment, IT Poetry has resonated with Sue and her teams. See how you can use IT Poetry to diffuse charged situations with no blame attached, get to the root cause of issues in a retrospective, or help resolve many of the little problems that crop up and can ruin your day. Join Sue as she sheds a new light on some highly charged and negative workplace situations. With examples from her own experience and those shared by participants, Sue shows you how to tweak situations to empower the future by ridiculing the past. See for yourself and walk out with the ability to compose a line or two that allows you to chuckle to yourself in any project situation—while learning from it! A QA test developer at SurveyGizmo, Sue Uyetake has installed, coded, supported, trained, written about, and tested software her entire career. Her passion is in the communication aspects of quality assurance. Trained in 2009 as an Agile ScrumMaster, Sue has experience that includes everything from a six-person dot-com and a ninety-person startup at XEROX PARC to a worldwide GPS company and Sun Microsystems. Her background in programming allows Sue to provide troubleshooting assistance to address the functional and non-functional issues uncovered during testing.

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