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WEBINAR: The future outlook for the Cloud Platform ? – TOGAF Framework

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The future outlook for the Cloud Platform ? – TOGAF Framework
Presented by Krish Ayyar, Srinivas Vippa
Thursday, June 14, 2012 - 04:00 PM – 05:00 PM EST
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Webinar Highlights
These days, not one day passes without hearing some news or other about Social Media. It is either Facebook IPO or Instagram being taken over etc., If you take Mobile, there are millions of Apps for iPhone and Android Phones. How about Analytics? There is a lot of talk about Big Data, Hadoop etc., Also, everyone has a “Cloud” offering including Amazon, Microsoft, HP, Sales Force, IBM etc., etc. SOA the old stalwart is back in the news. SOA is being talked about in conjunction with all the other technologies mentioned here. Surely, all these trends have major impacts on the way we do business and consequently affect IT Strategy and Architecture in many organizations. Yet, we believe, the IT efforts in many organizations are at best “Knee Jerk” reactions rather than a systematic approach to address these trends.

Enter TOGAF 9.1 – The latest version of The Open Group Architecture Framework. TOGAF 9.1 provides details about how SOA can be enabled within TOGAF and how to develop Enterprise and Solution Architectures. In this webinar, we will provide you with an overview of these topics. Participants also receive a PDF file of TOGAF 9.1 Quick Reference Card.

Presenter’s Profile

Krish is a Practitioner and Educator of Enterprise and Solution Architecture for more than 15 years. He has successfully delivered many TOGAF 9 Training Courses internationally by class room and e-learning modes since 2008 while he was with a boutique EA Consultancy and an Accredited Course Provider (ACP) of TOGAF Training. Krish complements his Training skills with practical field experience as an Enterprise Architect. He was most recently Enterprise Architect at Harvey Norman, Australia’s leading retailer where he was responsible for establishing their EA capability, Technology Plans, Standards and Enterprise.

Srinivas is a lead SOA/EA, Cloud solutions architect in the public and private sector for the past 18 years. Srinivas is also Co-Founder and CEO of Infosoft, Inc. Srinivas brings a wealth of hands-on practical experience in architecting, designing and developing SOA, BPM solutions on multiple platforms. Besides being certified as SOA architect in webMethods, Oracle, Tibco, he is also TOGAF 9 certified and Project Management Professional (PMP).

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