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The group will start as a mashup or compendium of other events and groups in the area that relate to the above broad topic area. The meetups will spotlight groups and series which you can subscribe to individually. Suggestions for getting together before or after events to discuss the topic of the day are encouraged. Meetups might also include discussion of books or on-line lectures.

SVSTEM is centered around Silicon Valley in the San Francisco Bay Area. It will list events in the entire SF Bay Area.

Please look at the About section or Past Meetups because groups will be infrequently listed.

Feel free to suggest events.

Also, please suggest a new name. It currently reads like a bad OCR output of word "System".

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Engineering 2.0
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Are you an engineer who has trouble communicating or connecting with peers?
Are you an engineer who feels that your peers do not understand or take your work for granted?
Are you an engineer who would love to work on mission critical projects?

If you answered yes to any of these, then you may benefit from Social Fluency.

Social Fluency takes a hands-on approach and gives you concrete face-to-face social skills to improve your work life. We focus more on drills and exercises than presentation and power points so you can walk away with immediate tools to gain influence, connection and value at work, while having fun doing it!

What are our alumni saying?

-- Leah M.

"I started learning Social Fluency arguably at the exact right time for me professionally. I was pretty much marginalized in the team I was on in my company; that team had broken up and I was moved to another team, so I was having to make a first impression on a whole new set of people. Before Social Fluency, people barely trusted me with minor (issues), and even new hires were giving me orders. By the time I was done, I had the new exciting highly-demanded projects and I was even being put in leadership positions for one of them. I feel much happier at work and that's wonderful."

Come test out your social fluency skills for only $10.00

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