Rock Stars Discover Deep Time at 2 p.m.


Doors open at 1:30. Event begins at 2:00.
Buy fossils! After the talk, Dr. Murchison will be selling a few to benefit the Reason Center.

Dr. Earl Arthur Murchison, our resident science historian, has produced another gem, "Rock Stars Discover Deep Time." The "rock stars" are the giants of geology and "deep time" is under our feet, not in outer space. "Murch" will show us the exciting story of the old, old, old rocks beneath our feet---and the story of how the story was figured out with those rocks.

Bring a few bucks to help pay for renting the room. We figure $3 per person will cover it. If you can't, come anyway. The important thing is for you to be there so you can meet your new friends. This is truly a wonderful group of people.

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