Book Club: Gospel Truth by Birdwell Brown


We'll be discussing: Gospel Truth by Birdwell Brown

Bronze Age heroes come roaring back to life as residents of rural Arkansas when the Holy Bible gets a Southern Gothic makeover. Gospel Truth reinvents the familiar stories from Sunday School and infuses them with issues relevant to life in modern Western society.
250 Pages

Come with a few thoughts/ideas about the book to discuss!

About the Venue
For this month's book club we'll be hosting it at the Sacramento Reason Center ( A price of $1.00 per person is strongly suggested (but don't let the high price discourage you from attending, we'll figure out how to pay for everyone attending)

About the Book Club

• We're glad to have you join us - if you hate the book, love the book, or even didn't finish the book. If you're a newcomer, get a head start on the book for next month by looking at the monthly lineup (!