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This Meetup is a place where Holistic practitioners can create local events, meet with each other, discuss recent advancement in wellness care delivery, and promote wellness to the general public. Wellness has been put aside in the healthcare industry for the last 70-80 years. The result is increasing prevalence of preventable and reversible chronic illness and soaring healthcare cost that drives the country to bankruptcy. Only if population understand that they have control over this by merely changing lifestyles and approaches to medicine, we could solve this. We believe this can be done, when all the wellness practitioners from different disciplines get together and work together to change the way care is delivered and help consumers understand how our body actually works! This Meetup is open for all wellness practitioners and their clients. Let's build a wellness community! Attendance to events is open to anyone.

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Activate your Greatness ~ 10 Laws to Creating an Excellent Life!

Sacramento Hypnotherapy

The talk is focused on 10 simple but powerful laws that will take you from wonder to powerful action. The class includes instant access to a network of amazing women all in their own transformations. At the end of the class you will have a clear understanding of what it takes to activate your talents and gifts and put your passions to work and live in powerful action and in doing so, discover unlimited success, and fulfillment. The intention behind this class is to give you such great tools that you can put them into action and begin making an impact in your life right away. About the speaker: Before becoming a transformation coach, Joie spent many years as a leader in multiple capacities. Including spending fifteen years in corporate management in a role that launched her passion for training and developing others. She left her business role to write, teach, and coach in the area of self-development with a focus on meditation and spiritual practice. Although these roles served her mind and soul at deep levels, she wanted more. The vision of taking her background and enhancing her knowledge to include psychology and how to live optimally was born. She studied and immersed herself in her education to understand behavior change and how to live a life full of significance. Today you can find Joie teaching courses, working with her clients, speaking about her passion for change, and writing her books.

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Gratitude Potluck

Sacramento Hypnotherapy

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