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Sacramento Politics and Philosophy Group
Sacramento Politics and Philosophy Group
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Reason Center

1824 Tribute Rd suite a · Sacramento, CA

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locate the building and location before you leave. People have trouble finding this place. If you need help message David Jacobs

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We will be watching a video. Several members of SPandP have seen this video and wanted to bring other members into the loop. This is a mostly Political focused discussion topic. Not in the vein that we have unusually evolved our conversations, or devolved, depending on your perspective.

The Questions to be asked are of a quantum level above the mere political strategies of electoral or initiative voting processes we often engage in. The focus of this morning will be to look at what is broken. Unless you have been living under a rock, you may have an awareness that we are in an unprecedented historical epoch. It is foundation-ally clear to both sides of the political divide that our system is flawed and the truth has been a victim.

The adversarial nature of politics has gone off the rails. Reason does not work for most of the electorate. Political campaigns work the emotional triggers and we end up with lousy leaders and very poorly thought out laws and policies. The consequences of almost reason devoid national policies is where we are. The win at all cost mentality drives this and special interest money speaks louder than the citizens. How many ways are we broken? What are the consequences? What is the first thing we should unite on to stop the trauma? Are there issues that will have to wait as we bleed the life of democracy from our veins?

Please join us for this entertaining and joy filled morning of exploration and growth.

You may view the video before the meetup at : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TfQij4aQq1k

Agenda will be:
Arriving normal off topic coffee and food getting settled 10:00am
Intro (10 minutes) starting at 10:15
Name and short position into each person at 10:40
Screening (15 minutes) at 10:45
Discussion: How Corruption Affects Our Community at 11:00
Sharing Awareness and Brainstorm at 11:15
Free sharing by normal rules of order

Subject to change by moderators

$1.00 donation to the Reason Center if you can