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Data Science with H2O and Yammer

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We are excited to host our first SF Big Data Science meetup at the new Yammer offices. Not to mention a talk by Yammer's director of Analytics, Peter Fishman. Also speaking, Cliff Click, the CTO of 0xdata and Jan Vitek from Purdue University. More info to come soon.

Food and drinks are provided

Location: Yammer offices

Talks By...

Peter Fishman:
Peter Fishman is the Director of Analytics at Yammer, the enterprise social network. He leads a team of analysts and data engineers that seek to optimize Yammer features and present usage statistics to internal and external customers. Prior to joining Yammer, Dr. Fishman worked as a social gaming economist at Playdom/Disney and as a statistician in thefront office of the Philadelphia Eagles. He received his B.S. from Duke University and a Ph.D. in economics from UC Berkeley.

Dr. Cliff Click:
Cliff Click is the CTO and Co-Founder of 0xdata. Cliff wrote his first compiler when he was 15 (Pascal to TRS Z-80!), although he is mostly known for building the HotSpot Server Compiler (the Sea of Nodes IR). Cliff helped Azul Systems build an 864 core pure-Java mainframe that keeps GC pauses on 500GB heaps to under 10ms, and worked on all aspects of that JVM. Before that he worked on HotSpot at Sun Microsystems, and is partially responsible for bringing Java into the mainstream. Cliff speaks regularly at industry and academic conferences around the globe and has published many papers about HotSpot technology. Cliff holds a PhD in Computer Science from Rice University and about 15 patents.

Dr. Jan Vitek:
Jan Vitek is Full Professor and Faculty Scholar in the Computer Science Department at Purdue University. He led the development of the Ovm hard real-time Java virtual machine. He is a founder of Fiji systems. His research interests span from programming language design and implementation to real-time and embedded systems. He chairs the ACM Special Interest Group on Programming Languages (SIGPLAN). He is currently a visiting Professor at Stanford University and Visiting Scholar at Oracle Labs. He is the vice chair of AITO and of the IFIP WG 2.4 on compilers and software technologies and was the Chief Scientist and founder at Fiji Systems. He holds a PhD from the University of Geneva and a MSc from the University of Victoria. He works on various aspects of programming languages including software engineering, real-time and embedded computing, concurrency and information security. Prof. Vitek led the Ovm project which resulted in the first open source real-time Java virtual machine to be successfully flight-tested a real-time Java virtual machine in 2005. He has since investigated virtual machine technologies for safety-critical embedded systems in avionics and aerospace. With Noble and Potter, Vitek proposed the notion of ownership for alias control, also known as ownership types. Vitek has started a number of successful workshop series, including MOS on Mobile Objects, IWACO, on aliasing and confinement, and TRANSACT on transactional memory. He is a member of the JSR-302 Safety Critical Java expert group.