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Wild Goose Qigong • Integral Qigong & Tai Chi

Sometimes referred to as 'Chinese' Yoga, Qigong is a practice of energy cultivation that promotes optimal health, vitality and longevity.

Qigong's powerful techniques of movement, breathing and mental focus can help anyone achieve and maintain better energy balance and with it higher levels of performance. When mind intent, and breathing techniques are added to physical movement, the benefits of exercise increase exponentially.

Relax, reduce stress, and feel more ease in your body as you practice these beautiful movements which also increase balance, strength, agility and flexibility naturally.

With regular practice qigong can help reduce stress, prevent illness, manage chronic conditions, promote a healthy lifestyle and increase longevity.

Qigong has been found to improve cardiovascular respiratory, circulatory, lymphatic and digestive functions.

Chinese athletes use Qigong to reach peak performance levels.

We will incorporate movements from a variety of traditions, with an emphasis on the whole body circular and spiral movements from the Wild Goose Qigong System. Wild Goose Qigong is known for its lovely and graceful movements that suggest the image of an innocent, carefree wild goose. These movements are dance-like and feel light and joyful.

No prior experience is necessary; All ages and levels welcome!

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