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Help build local awareness about the talent, innovations, and opportunities that San Diego offers.

A business networking group aimed at creating opportunities for professionals while identifying ways to do social good for our community.

Professionals looking for jobs, employers looking for employees, businesses looking for clients, startups looking for resources.

Social Change Makers looking to volunteer their time or resources to help others in need.

SDTH members are referred to as Conduits. They represent a connection point in our local community helping to share their knowledge, expertise, and resources towards creating a pathway for others.

As a community, we believe in building authentic relationships. We feel our purpose is to help connect people with the right opportunity with our goal of changing the world through our actions.

We are a community of professionals with the power to collaboratively define what it means to be a tech hub.

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Case Study Review: Navigating Research and Innovation in an Agile Startup

According to research conducted by The Startup Genome project, 90% of startups fail. And as the startup world continues to evolve, methodologies and/or best practices like lean and agile are no longer considered a silver bullet towards success. So, the million-dollar question is, what do the 10% of successful companies do to avoid the pitfalls of failure?

Join San Diego Tech Hub and keynote speaker, Dr. Ferenc Birloni, as he takes us on a journey through the successes and failures of various companies and outlines a viable approach entrepreneurs can leverage to help traverse through the challenges startups face in the early stages.

The road towards a successful startup is full of challenges and uncertainly. Methodologies and/or best practices like lean and agile are no longer a silver bullet toward success. With innovation, creativity and research-based business development playing an important role of workplace operations, how does experience, adaption, and the right approach factor into making a successful startup scale. Dr. Ferenc Birloni will walk through a case study reviewing the various stages of successes and failures companies correlating key points with the main trends of agile frameworks used by companies like Spotify and SAFe.

During this talk, you will get details on in-depth methods, experiences and "tools" from the case study including:
• Classification of innovation
• How to create an efficient work environment for research-based start ups
• Understanding of Agile practices and principles to achieve organic Agile teams

**Speaker Bio**
Dr. Ferenc Birloni holds a PhD in mathematical engineering and information physics from the University of Tokyo. He offers a unique blend of commercial, technical and leadership experience, gleaned in Europe, Asia and Australia.

Ferenc has a proven track record in coaching, leading and managing technically diverse, multinational teams of 100+ people, utilizing Agile Principles, and was among the first people to successfully introduce agile practices to the Siemens enterprise development workflow. He has substantial experience in fast-tracking startup businesses with technical, research and commercial focuses as founder and director of MediAR, Bright Future AI services and Business Sprints.

He also lectures on risk management and project implementation at Melbourne University, and consults with a growing number of companies and industry bodies.

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