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Organisational transformation and TEAL organisations with Sergio Seelochan
In Frederic Laloux’s book, Reinventing Organizations, he proposed a new corporate evolution which he describes as “Teal”. Teal organisations are much more like an organic living entity rather than mechanistic or family based organisations. Those in the Agile community find these ideas familiar, yet most agile organisations are not what would be considered Teal. Teal Organisations have three simple and powerful principles • evolutionary purpose • wholeness at work • self-management True teal organisations are rare, however there are things Teal organisations do that we can all bring into our own everyday working lives. In doing so we can start to influence the wider organisation to and use a Teal world view to break agile out of the software development space and into the wider organisation. Sergio Seelochan is an agile delivery manager working for BJSS. He's not trying to sell you anything.

Edmund House

12-22 Newhall St · Birmingham

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