• Wake Up Wednesday!

    Needs a location

    Come meet us in front of Starbucks at Green Lake on Wednesday mornings at 5:30 am for a casual run around the lake or perhaps jump in for a tempo run. There are plenty of options as far as pace and number of laps that our group runs. great turnouts are what make Wednesday mornings so fun :) Option #1- run around the lake- once, twice, or more if you really feel like it. Option #2- run the 6-mile off-lake route. The route tends to vary week to week, but gets mapped out and posted on this page by Tuesday afternoons (and gets posted on Tuesdays on our FB page). Option #3- run a tempo run (either around the lake, during the 6-miler off-lake, or the seasonal Hanson's marathon training tempo routes). *Our newest addition to Wednesday morning is the post run "Coffee Club that meets and enjoys a nice drink and possible treat following the run!

  • Wednesday Night Run @ the Trailhead!

    Brooks Trailhead

    Join the us for one of our rotating four-mile running routes! All paces are welcome! Check out our "subway map" that shows all of the routes, and read the comments for this week's route. Hosts Patrick, Yao, Chris, and Denise provide mini route maps and always make sure that everyone arrives safely back to port. If you're looking for something a little shorter, just ask us for some shortcut suggestions. Despite what you see in the RSVP list, we typically have 15-30 runners each week, with many regulars who know the routes. Newbies are always welcome, as are any out-of-town runners looking for a fun group of runners! We start meeting up at 5:15pm inside the Brooks Trailhead store at 3400 Stone Way in Seattle's Fremont neighborhood. At 5:30pm, we have introductions, describe the route, take a group photo, and head out the door. Most of our routes have a photo stop, usually about halfway, where we regroup. (Here's the 2019 route schedule: https://goo.gl/DjtGey) Every week, no matter what, we always hang out and socialize afterward at nearby Fremont Brewing, which has tasty craft beer and cider on tap, as well as some non-alcoholic options. At the store, lockers with locks are provided for your stuff, and water and towels are available when we get back. Occasionally, there will be post-run presentations or other store-sponsored activities. In the winter months (November-February), please bring headlamps and reflective gear. In the summer months (June-August), bring a yoga mat if you like, as some of us join a free/donation yoga class at Gas Works Park after the run at 6:30pm. Dogs are welcome! We frequently have dogs with us during the run and at the dog-friendly brewery. If you're thinking about bringing a jogging stroller, please ask us about this week's route. Some of our rotating routes are already stroller-friendly, some would need just a few minor adjustments, and some would be miserable-to-impossible. Host Patrick oftentimes runs with a stroller!

  • SPECIAL EVENT: Rock 'n' Roll Kickoff @ the Trailhead!

    Brooks Trailhead

    This is a special kick-off training event for the Seattle Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon & Half Marathon! All paces are welcome! ------------------------------------------------------------------ SCHEDULE: 5:30: Pre-event bonus 4-mile run (regular weekly SGLRG run) 6:30: Start of Rock'n'Roll Marathons kickoff event 6:40: 3 & 6 mile fun runs depart -- run, food, shopping, mingling -- 8:00: Rock'n'Roll Marathons presentation 8:10: St. Jude Hospital presentation 8:30: Prize raffle ------------------------------------------------------------------ FUN RUNS: -- 3-mile route (1.5-mile one-way): https://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=7341050 -- 6-mile route (3.0-mile one-way): https://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=7341056 -- Pace groups at 8, 9, 10, 11 minutes/mile* (* These are the pace groups that will be led by event volunteers. If you aren't within this pace window, you're still welcome to join! You will likely find someone at your pace at the event. Let us know your pace in the comments below!) -- It'll be dark (sunset 5:40pm), so be sure to wear headlamps and/or reflective clothing! -- In addition to this run at 6:30pm, SGLRG will also have its regular Wednesday Night Run @ the Trailhead at 5:15pm. If you want to come early to get another 4 miles in, meet us at the store a little earlier! ------------------------------------------------------------------ FOOD, BEVERAGEs, & SWAG: -- Pizza, snacks and water (provided by Rock'n'Roll Marathons) -- Photo booth (provided by St. Jude Hospital) -- Swag (provided by Rock'n'Roll & St. Jude) ------------------------------------------------------------------ RAFFLE PRIZES: -- Rock'n'Roll Seattle race entries (3) -- VIP Rock'n'Roll Seattle upgrades (2) -- Rock'n'Roll Swag Packs -- St. Jude Prize Pack -- Brooks apparel -- Brooks shoes Earn raffle tickets by: -- Showing up -- Registering for Rock'n'Roll Seattle -- Registering as a St. Jude Hero -- Making a Brooks purchase -- Going on the Fun Run -- Bringing a friend ------------------------------------------------------------------ DISCOUNTS: Rock'n'Roll Seattle race registrations 25% off Brooks merchandise (excluding bras, footwear and Tigertail)

  • Thursday Evening Casual Run

    Road Runner Sports

    Casual Thursday is focused more on the social aspect of the Seattle Greenlake Runners. While running is the focus, we encourage runners to come out afterwards and dine, socialize and hangout. After all (especially during the colder and darker months), seeing familiar faces is all the motivation many of us need to get are run in. Run starts at Road Runner and runs clock wise around the outside of the lake. Parking is easily available at the park and ride on 65th and Roosevelt and has been typically a 1/2 way point from Road Runner and the post run stops. The winter months are darker and visibility is more of an issue I'd suggest investing in reflective gear and wearable lights. Let's get out there and run.

  • Friday Lake Union Run!

    Blue Moon Burgers (Fremont)

    Have your Fridays been lacking a run? Have you been wanting to explore the area around Lake Union? Or maybe you're like us and you live near Lake Union and some days driving is too much. If this sounds like you, come join us for the Friday Lake Union Run (FLUR)! We meet outside of Blue Moon Burgers on 34th and Fremont (see map above) at 5:55am, and depart on the run at 6:00am sharp (seriously! we really do leave right on time every week). The run then heads south (counter clockwise) over the Fremont Bridge and down Westlake. We do a lap around the lake, which is just about 6 miles. After the run, we all head to Milstead across the street on 34th to get delicious coffee. If you have a little extra time in the morning, please join us! :) If people want to meet at Starbucks on Westlake, they can join the group as we pass by at about 6:15. Please let us know in your RSVP if you're planning to meet at Starbucks so the Fremont people will know to keep an eye out for you as we pass by. PARKING: There is some street parking along N 34th Street across from Blue Moon Burgers (watch for time restrictions if you are staying past 7) and also back-in diagonal parking on 34th in front of PCC. More street parking is available along N 35th, around the corner and uphill.

  • Saturday Morning Rise & Shine Run!

    Green Lake Bathhouse Theater

    Every Saturday morning we have a nice tradition of getting together and starting our day with a group run. It seems like every weekend we head off on one adventure or another. Each week participants will post their goal distance and pace in the comments, which does a couple of things. It determines what distances to map for each Saturday as well as let's others see who they can run with and who has something similar planned. Get your RSVP's in and your distance requests and the rest seems to take care of itself. Join us at 6:55am each Saturday morning as we organize into distance and pace groups. Find new training partners, meet new friends and enjoy the benefits of running with others. The weekly running routes and plan will be posted below each week. Make sure you review the route that you will be running each week prior to arriving. Posting in the comments and arriving on time each will increase your chances of finding others to run. Thanks for running with us! This event is only as successful as those who show up to support it!

  • Saturday Mid-Morning Run

    Green Lake Bathhouse Theater

    ~We'll be in the bathhouse theater parking lot~ The Mid-Morning Run mirrors all the same weekly routes as the 7am group, just with a later start time for those that want/need it. Go ahead, get your sleep, and your Saturday run in too! Please post the distance and pace your looking for in the comments below. Not only does it help the route creator to know what the people want, it gives others that might come the knowledge that someone else is running the same as them. The more the merrier! This Saturday's Routes --- Will be posted here on the previous Friday! We're a diverse group that caters to everyone from the 1st time runner to the seasoned marathoner. The Mid-Morning Run is finding many new fans every week. Come out and join us! We meet in the middle of the Green Lake Bath House Theater parking lot. This is a public event. Feel free to invite anyone that might like to join us! See you Saturday! For those of you who want to import the maps to your phone here are Instructions to save and bookmark routes. -- You'll need the MapMy___ app (Run, Fitness, etc should all work). This is easier on a desktop but if you view the full site on your mobile it is doable there as well. 1) Sign into your MapMy___.com account 2) from the Meetup page click the link to the route you want to save (comes up in a new window in MapMy___.com). COPY it. 3) SAVE ROUTE 4) BOOKMARK -- check -- "Bookmark this" 5) open MapMy___ app -- LOAD ROUTE --Bookmarked -- select your route (watch for filters if your have them limited your route may not be listed due to being outside of those limits, I set mine to 0-200 miles)

  • Sunday Trail Run: West Seattle!

    Lincoln Park

    Please join us for a 5 mile fun run through Lincoln Park in the heart of West Seattle! The park's gentle trails connect a bluff of forests and meadows with the neighborhood's famous seawalled beaches. We will start at the east parking lot off Fauntleroy Way SW. The paths are smooth and fast, serving as a cross-country course for the local high school. Here is the course map! The full course is about 5.3 miles. http://www.mapmyrun.com/routes/fullscreen/316732027/ If you're interested in carpooling, please mention it below. We can meet at the Greenlake P&R at 9:15. The Sunday Trail Run series is now twice a month! We alternate between Discovery Park and other scenic area parks, such as Carkeek, Saint Edward, Soaring Eagle, Cougar, and Rattlesnake. See you Sunday, and happy trails!

  • Stair Climbing Workout

    10th Ave E & E Howe St

    The name of the event says it all, we climb stairs for a great lower body exercise. This event comes around every other Sunday( 2nd and last Sunday) of every month and it is for all fitness levels. We start with a warm-up drill where we climb for about 4-5 minutes using different leg variations to get blood flowing. Then we go freestyle for about 30-45 mins. Freestyle here means running up the stairs, walking, jogging, crawling, squad-jumping, frog-jumping,.... however you want to do it as long as you're climbing up the stairs. You'll probably get sore afterwards if you haven't done a stair workout before or it has been a while since you did one but don't let that stop you. Your body will adapt pretty fast if you do it consistently. Strong, powerful, legs/lower-body, burn serious calories, get your heart-rate up-- all in 30-45 mins From the bottom(Lakeview Boulevard) to the top(10th Ave E), there are 13 flights of stairs that gives you a total of 282 steps.

  • Monday Morning Getting on Track!

    Roosevelt High School Track

    Welcome to the Monday morning track! Join us every week for a group workout, which includes a warm up that begins at 5:30am, a set workout (which can easily be modified depending on need) and cool down period at the end. Various groups are typically training during this workout doing different drills at different speeds. Sometimes groups will head "off track" and do hill repeats nearby or longer intervals over at Green Lake while others may stay on the track for their workout. Please feel free to join any group. If you have questions about workouts and paces or anything else, please post your questions in the event comments section. See you out there!