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This group is for people who are interested in out of state real estate investment and how to participate in institutional sized apartment opportunities. We'll cover topics on:

• Tax benefits, cash flow, and appreciation of various asset types
• Finding investments that are downturn resistant
• How to find opportunities and evaluate deals
• Investing in real estate passively using retirement account
• Pitfalls to watch out for in different

I started this group to meet other like minded investors and share my experience investing in Texas multifamily syndications. Together we can expand our network and find more quality deals to invest in. Come join our discussions!

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Apartment Investing 102: Buying/Selling cycle of commercial multifamily

We had a record number of people sign up our apartment 101 series, 168 investors! I'm happy that people found it useful and we'll be continuing in the next topic in our apartment series: Acquiring and selling multifamily assets from beginning to end. I'll also be going over some of the newest things learned from this week's Old Capital multifamily conference.

In this edition, we'll cover:

* Market trends, inflation, lending products and more learnings from the Old Capital multifamily conference.
* Latest congress proposed law changes and how it affects real estate investments.

Apartment 102:

* Process of identifying and acquiring apartment complexes
* How to build your deal acquisition team
* What do you need before you bid on deals
* Offers, purchase agreements, due diligence period
* Loan and private equity funding to deal closing
* Investor votes
* Property refinance
* Sale of the property, prep, marketing, and evaluating offers.

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