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Intermediate Conscious Communication Practice Group
Let's gather together in an open-hearted, high vibrational community to practice Nonviolent Communication (NVC). We create a safe container for sharing authentically from the heart in honest self-expression, to be heard, to be known...we listen to each other in empathy and we learn the skills for authentic, fulfilling connection. Many in our community have expressed that they would like to deepen their NVC skills, so we’re holding space for an “Intermediate” practice group, where we ask that participants have read “Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life” by Marshall Rosenberg and be familiar with the following: * the intention behind NVC - why practice NVC? * options for connection: Self-empathy, Empathy, Honesty * Strategies meet needs at different levels vs. “right” and “wrong” thinking * Observations vs. Evaluations/Judgments/Blame * Feelings vs. Thoughts/Faux Feelings (e.g. rejected, betrayed, abandoned, victimized, judged, etc) * Needs vs. Strategies/Preferences * Requests vs. Demands/Threat of Punishment * Intention behind Empathy as curiosity for the experience of another * the difference between Empathy and Non-Empathy responses (e.g. advice, story-telling, etc) Having this foundation will allow us to go deeper into our practice - here’s a list of potential topics for this group: * Introduction to NVC video: * Another Introduction to NVC: We recommend regular participation to support learning, trust, and connection. Requesting a $20 donation.

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The purpose of the group is to learn and practice communicating compassionately through Nonviolent Communication (NVC). People with an interest in improving their communication skills in all contexts would benefit from this group (relationships, parenting, leadership, coaching, organizations, etc).

NVC is a non-judgmental paradigm of relating that includes introspection, deep listening with empathy, and honest expression. NVC was started by Marshall Rosenberg (, PhD in the 1960s, and has been used throughout the world as a tool for conflict resolution, community building and peace. For more information on NVC, please go to the Center for Nonviolent Communication at

When joining this group, please include a picture that clearly shows your face.

About the "Giraffes" - the giraffe is used within the NVC community as a living metaphor for NVC consciousness because of its long neck for great visibility and hearing, for its ability to eat thorns for nutrition, and for its very large heart.

• Another practice group not listed in our meetup meets TUESDAY and is hosted by Katy Dawson; it has been meeting in San Jose since 2001. This group is a great place to experience empathy in action, allowing participants to be supported in real life communication challenges. For more information, join the Yahoo group (

ps. The “Casa de Jirafa” location has friendly cats named Oakley the Maverick, Professor McBean, and Woozle Doozle Allowicious Flufenutter!

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