What we're about

The Singapore Algorithmic Trading Meetup Group (SATMG) aims to connect local algo traders and quants through networking and sharing sessions.

RULE #1 The SATMG meetup welcomes all aspiring (meaning still employed, unemployed or studying) OR existing algo traders and quants (forex, commodities & stocks) who are willing to share what they know in the fields of algorithmic trading, as well as to learn more in this field to enhance their own knowledge & trading.

RULE #2 There is NO CHARGE from the Singapore Algorithmic Trading Meetup Group for you to attend the event.

RULE #3 If you RSVP for a capacity-limited event and fail to turn up, you will be immediately deleted and banned from SATMG (unless you have a valid reason with proof). The basis is simple, others would want to come for the event, but if you RSVPed you are effectively holding a seat which others are more than willing to commit to and IF YOU DO NOT HONOUR YOUR WORD AND RESPECT YOUR FELLOW TRADERS TIME AND EFFORT, WE DO NOT SEE THE NEED FOR YOU TO BE WITHIN OUR NETWORK.

Past events (8)

Advanced Algorithmic Trading and Quant Chat (programmers only)

Wolfe One Capital @ Found

Algorithmic Trading Live Coding and Backtesting

Wolfe One Capital @ Found

6th Meetup - Introducing GStar.AI


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