November Clojure meetup

This is a past event

24 people went


This month we will have 2 very exciting speakers - Mike Anderson and Paul Sabda.

Mike is a major contributor to the Clojure community, most notably as the author and lead maintainer of core.matrix. He is the co-founder of Datacraft, a Singapore based company specialising in advanced data analytics and machine learning. Previously, Mike has worked with multiple startups and as a senior consultant on technology issues at McKinsey & Company.

We also have our first Overseas speaker for the year - Paul Sabda from Zenius Education in Jakarta. Paul is the co-founder of Zenius, he teaches Math/Science + doing Data-analysis/Machine-learning @ Zenius Education and leading a group of Clojure(Script) developers within the company. Zenius is currently in the top ten of Indonesian startups, and the only edtech company.


• 6:30 Food & Drinks

• 7:00 Computer Graphics in Clojure - by Mike Anderson

• 8:00 Clojure(Script) Project Sharing for an Education System App - by Paul Sabda

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