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iOS Dev Scout July 2018 National Day Special
For the first time, we have collaborated with another Meetup Group Tech@Sea ( to bring to you this month's National Day Special Meetup! Join us in this Meetup on the 25th July, hosted by Tech@Sea at Level 17, Galaxis Building for an evening of drinks and food, exclusive iOS talks, show & tell! Venue: 1 Fusionopolis Place, #17-10, Galaxis Building Singapore[masked] (Kindly RSVP early for building security clearance) Agenda: • 6:30pm: Food and refreshments, say hello to other iOS devs • 7:15pm: Short Introduction by Sea • 7:20pm: LLDB beyond po - Omer Iqbal • 8:00pm: Creating advanced layouts with UICollectionView - by Ajay Beniwal • 8:30pm: Show & Tell ---------- First Speaker: Omer Iqbal - iOS Dev @ Sea Omer is an iOS Dev at Sea and is obsessed with compilers. He also takes regular gulps of functional programming coolaid for breakfast. Title: LLDB beyond po Abstract: So you’re running your amazing iOS app, written 100% in Swift 4.2, following the latest and greatest architectural patterns. Everything runs “buttery smooth”. You’re happy to call it a day, and celebrate your incredible engineering feats. But oh woe! A pesky bug appears. No matter. You take less than a second to fix the offending line. But crap, your massive project needs 10 minutes to recompile. And now you have to stare at the screen (or join the latest hacker news flame war) for 10 long minutes to try your patch. Or you could use LLDB and inject your fix immediately.. LLDB is an incredibly powerful debugger that’s also incredibly underused. This talk will demo several features of LLDB that can help you boost your debugging powers, and even reverse engineer 3rd party binaries (UIKit, Y u EXC_BAD_ACCESS!). It will also cover some low level aspects of the Swift/Objective C runtimes, like calling conventions, library loading etc. ---------- Seconed Speaker: Ajay Beniwal Title: Creating advanced layouts with UICollectionView Abstract: Ajay will be sharing on the basic and advanced features of UICollectionView. He will give an introduction to UICollectionView, how to replace table views with collections views and create advanced layouts using UICollectionView. ---------- * Follow us on Twitter at @iOSDevScout and @iOSConfSG for the latest updates! * About iOS Conf SG: iOS Conf SG is South East Asia's only annual iOS Conference organised by iOS Dev Scout. Last year's sold-out conference of 300 attendees was held on the 19th and 20th of October with both overseas and local speakers from Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Instagram, PayPal, PlanGrid, Raywenderlich, Realm, SEA Group, ex-Apple, ex-Twitter, Carousell, Garena, SP Digital and other tech companies to share their technical expertise and experiences. More information on our next iOS Conf SG will be announced soon. Visit our iOS Dev Scout Group and iOS Conf SG Page for the latest updates: iOS Conf SG: iOS Dev Scout: iOS Conf SG 2017 Videos: iOS Conf SG 2016 Videos: ---------- Sponsors: • Special Thanks to Sea for sponsoring the venue, food and drinks! • Special Thanks to Engineers SG ( for the video recording and coverage!

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