What we're about

Hello Sketch app users!

You love using Sketch, talking about using Sketch, and want to share what you know about it to other Sketch users.

Beyond the app, we will also be talking about how the usage of Sketch relates to our design process. We share how we start and form our design processes and learn from each other.

Conversations about other related software in design and prototyping will pop up as well, such as and not limited to Photoshop, Illustrator, Flinto, Framer, Origami and Principle.


I'm Jules Ang and I'm a Senior UX/UI Designer at EdgeProp.

If you would like to help out or give any suggestions for how the meetup should be run or the topics you'd like to be discussed during, feel free to reach out to me at julesactually@gmail.com!

Thank you for passing by!

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WeWork 22 Cross Street

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WeWork 71 Robinson

Sketch x Phase: Impromptu Jam Session


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