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This is going to be at the YMCA in Montebello. Why there? Because not only was it the most affordable, but it allows us access to both indoor and outdoor space. That's right, we'll be able to watch ponies inside and chill out outside. Also, the YMCA will let us access the kitchen and any chairs and tables we may need.

If you wish to have access to the pool, you’ll need to go onto the website and download a guest pass for the day. It’s completely free but only good for one day.


Events and other activities (More are bound to be added:)

-Costume Contest!-

Hey! It's the same weekend as Halloween so WHY NOT? You'll sign up at the meet and be given a number, folks will then be allowed to vote on a ballot. Once all the votes are tallied up, we'll announce our winners and give them their prizes. Categories include: Most Original/Creative Funniest Poniest (It's a Brony meet afterall) And best overall If you ever wanted to be a pony out in public, you legit have a reason to do so.

-Tabletop Gaming!-

Seeing as the Y allows us full use of their chairs and tables, we'll have plenty of room to have a myriad of games going on. Board games are a definite, and it just so happens that Hasbro makes a good lot This can also include Magic the Gathering and other games like such Koda, David, and I will be busy so it's up to you guys to decide what you want to play and who is going to host the matches.

-Other Activities?-

If you guys have an idea and wish to host it, by all means let us know! We'll be more than happy to include it in the list.

That aside, it’s going to be of a potluck deal so it would be great if everyone would bring a dish, drinks, utensils, or anything thing else you can think of.
We also plan to somehow bring a television into the room and we’ll have an Xbox 360 on hand. If you want to bring Rock Band or any other games, that would just be swell.

We’ll try to provide as much as possible, but we do need your help.

What do I mean?
Well, it isn't free.
The whole thing will run us about $150 for every two hours. This, along with the $100 deposit, puts us at $400.
I'm not about to have each ( and every member pay for the meetup. I know times are rough and it wouldn't be fair to everyone.
No, what I'm asking here is for people to donate to group.


Donate here! (

Item/cosplay/carpool signup here! (

"Well, okay, but what does me donating do?"
-What it does is that it goes right towards the meetup. Nothing earned through the donations will go towards anything that isn’t meetup related.

"What if we meet the quota for $400 for four hours? What happens to the leftover money?"
-If there is ANY thing left over, it will go right towards renting any party supplies and providing snacks for the event. If we still SOMEHOW have money left, it will go right towards the next meetup.

"Do I get anything if I donate?"
-Oh, and if you donate more than $10 I'll write your name down and be sure to give you a little "thank you" goodie bag at the meet.
If you donate more than $20 I'll give you an even better goodie bag.

“What if we don’t meet the quota?”
-I, Steve, am fully prepared to pay the remaining amount. This is how determined I am to have this meetup go off without a hitch.

"Four hours is awfully short, is there gonna be anything else going on?"

-If we still have a sizable group, we'll move the remainder of the event to Grant Rea Park. (

The park is less than ten minutes away from the YMCA. Carpools will be available if you need a ride.

As said, this meetup is technically a work in progress, but it’s around time we got one up and running. If you guys have any feedback and/or questions please feel free to let me know.

Alright, guys! Let’s do this!