Pizza, Arcade, Mini-Golf, Lazer Tag. . .

Hosted by SoCal Bronies

Public group


They've got all kinds of fun stuff here, there's plenty of space, and folks can just kinda roll in and roll out whenever they want.

EDIT: I guess now that it's official, I'll add on to this! :p Their website is if anyone needs more info. They don't allow outside food, but if anyone doesn't want to eat there there's a Carl's Jr a couple blocks away, and probably other things as well. There are 5 mini-golf courses and inside there are lots of picnic bench-style tables for eating, relaxing, probably even drawing and gaming (though, I don't know if they'll allow card/board games or not).

2nd EDIT: I hear now we're slated for rain? Does this upset anyone enough to not attend?