Beach Bonfire party!

Hosted by SoCal Bronies

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You’re all invited to a beach party bonfire in Bolsa Chica state park!

Event Coordinator: Alejandro Carter

Why: Spring Break!

When: Sunday, April 15th from 11:30 am to 8 pm

Where: Bolsa Chica State Park, Lifeguard Stand #26

On PCH between Warner and Beach in Huntington Beach

What: Bring food, non-alcoholic drink and wood, and something you want to play or do there and bring money-(optional)! Shovels-(you'll find out the day before the 14th)

Grill and charcoal will be provided!

FYI – there’s a Jack-in-the-Box nearby! and some other little shops as well

More Info

This will be my first time hosting something like this so sorry if I seem kinda...dull hehe ^^;; but I will be hosting a bonfire party at Bolsa Chica you will have to google the directions sorry =[ but I hope we can have fun

just send me an email on what your bringing to the party and I'll write it in my journal :D and I hope to see you all at the beach soon

Notice: The beach is a dry beach and if you want alcohol there might be a liqueur store near by so those 21+ can go there if you want. I've decided to change the date to Sunday since it will be better in weather and heat plus it will give us extra time to plan some more :D

(Slightly modified the formatting. ;D - NH)

my email so you can email me what your bringing: [masked]