May Madness Mega Meetup!

Hosted by SoCal Bronies

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Hello everypony! It’s that time again for another wondrous mega meet up!

The May Madness Mega Meetup is gonna be a giant casual meetup with (hopefully) over a hundred bronies! We're gonna get together and hang out all day! We'll watch ponies, play My Little Rock Band and other video, board, and card games, listen to some great music, draw some awesome art, and admire the beauty that is the magic of friendship!

Mark the date on your calendar, May 19 12pm-12am! That’s right, twelve full hours of sharing kindness (it's an easy feat)! Come and go as you please! Come late! Leave early! It's entirely up to you, and we'll have our doors open all day. :D


This time we are helping welcome a new business to Fullerton:

Amber Game Zone
2445 E Orangethorpe Ave
Fullerton, CA 92831

This is an indoor location that has been nice enough to let us rent out a large space for ourselves. However, renting the venue isn’t cheap, and we do have an attendance cap of 180 people.

Cool perks to this location:
- There's a projector in the main room for watching ponies! (If people want to play video games we have to bring our own set up and TV)
- Delicious catering from Subway!
- Tons of tables for card and board games

~If we can get 100 people, they will give us a day to do this monthly!

Registration and Fees

At the door: $7.00

This will cover: entry, catering, and water.


12 PM - Start
1 PM - Small Prize Games
2 PM - Rock Band
3 PM - Mareathon
6 PM - Intermission
- Announce raffle winners
7 PM - Resume Mareathon
10 PM - End Mareathon
12 PM - End Event, Cleanup


Bridle Gossip


Sweet and Elite

Read It and Weep

It's About Time

Hurricane Fluttershy

May the Best Pet Win

Putting Your Hoof Down

A Canterlot Wedding #1

A Canterlot Wedding #2


We will be holding a raffle! Ticket prices in parentheses.

Pony figurines ($1) SIX WINNERS Twilight Sparkle Applejack Pinkie Pie Rarity Cheerilee Blossomforth
Commissions ($1) TWO WINNERS Dan Torres - One character, colored
Christina - Two characters, colored
"Canterlot Wedding" posters ($2) TWO WINNERS Signed by Tara Strong Signed by Tara Strong + Meghan McCarthy My Little Rock Band for Xbox 360 ($2) ONE WINNER Flash Drive containing My Little Rock Band


If you need a ride or are able to give one, be sure to check out the Carpooling Sheet. (