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Monthly reminder to pay our Annual $10 group Meetup fee to keep the group going

Price: $10.65 /per person
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Monthly reminder to pay the $10 group Annual Meetup fee to keep the group going. This is more for member's information and is not meant to sound that I am angry.

This is a Monthly reminder to pay the $10 group Annual Meetup fee to keep the group going. Also, to note that Biagio is NOT getting rich from the group fees.

This is a yearly fee and NOT a monthly fee!

I am shocked to hear from many of my Organizer that our members think I am getting rich collecting on the voluntary $10 yearly group fees. I would if anyone paid the group fees. BUT that’s is NOT happening! ……………….I get less than $100 dollars a year from the members meetup fees.

That means Biagio pays out of his own pocket to keep the group going to support your fun. How much has Biagio paid out of his own pocket to keep to group running over the last 5 years…ready for this ...its over $1000!............This is not fair and I am making a point to fix this now.

Biagio is pretty Poor and Not rich. Luckily, there hasn’t yet been a need for me to start to begging for money on the side of street……….. yet!

I just paid $72 last Jan 2013 and have only collected $40 from members for the group fee so far, if we cannot get members to pay this yearly voluntary $10 fee then I’m just going to let the group shut down due to lack of funding when the next $72 payment in July 2013 is due.

Don’t forget, I pay for batteries, supplies, printouts, signs, games, stands etc. etc. to run this group its over $300 a year, which includes the $144 a year ..Since I pay Meetup the $72 every 6 months!

So please be informed and realize what it takes to run a group this big. Oh and add to that I spend 30+ hours every week of my own time running the group which I get paid $0 for.

Please help keep the group going. Don’t let not giving $10 a year, every year stop all the fun. Oh and you don’t have to pay the $10 online you can pay the $10 in person or e-mial me to pay by check

Thanks and let’s keep the fun gong!


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