Past Meetup

Pre wine tasting lunch at the Mad Raven (close + walkable to wine tasting)


Edit: The website had a typo for the opening time, they had open at 11:00AM but they open at 11:30. I will still be there before 11:30 and if I remember the last couple times we were there they let us in a little early. There is still plenty of time for the wine tasting after which is fantastic! See you all there at 11:30:)



Let's have a pre wine tasting lunch at The Mad Raven in Waltham. It's a very short walk to Gordon's, and a casual lunch will help us get to know each other before the (somewhat crowded) wine tasting.

The Mad Raven is a casual pub with great sweet potato fries, signature cocktails, and over fifteen different drafts of beer (not that you need them before the wine tasting)!

Meet at 11:30am (right when the restaurant opens), and we will introduce ourselves.

Please don't forget to feed your meter if you park on the street.

The Mad Raven

841 Main St in Waltham

(781) 894-8188

Here is the wine tasting meetup link after lunch