Past Meetup

Fall Leaves Ice Cream Bike Social-- Minuteman Trail

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This Meetup is "ON"!
It is co posted with TWIOP (The World is our Playground) meetup.

Social Fun is looking for a host for future bike tours on the Minuteman Trail, please contact organizer (Biagio) if interested. They'd begin in mid April 2013.
The meetup would likely be put on a monthly repeating schedule so you (host) would just need to show up.

Join this tour in Arlington if you want (see: below).

We meet @ Davis Sq's Seven Hills Park (next to the Red Line T stop. Bikes ride free on the T Sundays). Parking info: scroll down to the end of this description.

We leave at 2:15 sharp. From there, 24.6 miles total round trip to get the ice cream. Thats about 60 min's riding each way.

Note, if you prefer a shorter route, meet at the park in front of Wood & Strings, 493 Mass Ave, Arlington. We'll be passing right by there at about 2:30 PM! From Arlington & back is 7 miles shorter.

Lets go in two groups, one faster one slower.
This Meetup is co-posted to TWIOP (the World is our Playground).
We had a great bike tour last time. Lets do it again.

Plan 2 stops for others to catch up while we socialize. First, at the bike shop across from the end of the Minuteman trail -- a red house once a barn. After the ice cream stop, we wait at the Spy Pond picnic area to admire the swans & chat some more.

The ice cream, home made @ Bedford Farms:
Note: if you ask for a "small" size expect a pretty big portion.Yes they have Pumpkin ice cream.

Sunset is at 5:52 PM. We'll easily be back before then!

We'll take care of each other but ultimately you are responsible for the condition of your bike and personal safety. NOTE! AT TIMES THERE ARE SUDDEN INTERSECTIONS WITH LIVE CARS PASSING.

Please be aware of the condition of your tires and chain. If you drop out from the group, we'll assume you are making an important phone call and we'll see you on the way back.

PS. In case for some reason you miss us at the end of the Minuteman Trail in Bedford here are directions to the ice cream place.
At the end of the Minuteman Trail turn right (North) on South Road. Ride to the end & turn left on Great Road. Just past the intersection is the ice cream on your left. (#18 North Road-- you'll see a parking lot).

Parking in Somerville Sundays is unrestricted. The closest parking lot is the Buena Vista, located on Holland St. across from Orleans restaurant. The meters are free there Sundays. Or just park anywhere & bike over. Give yourself extra time, the one way streets can be confusing.