Past Meetup

Rodney's Books & Stocking Stuffers, & Phoenix Landing Pub w/ Half-priced Apps.

Phoenix Landing

512 Massachusetts Ave · Cambridge, MA

How to find us

Your host Lauren will be wearing a Santa hat with fake antlers.

Location image of event venue


Lets meet near Rodney's at the Phoenix Landing --be there by 7 PM latest! That's 512 Mass. Ave.
Look for your host with a santa hat.
AT around 7:20 WE LEAVE, TO REGROUP AT RODNEY'S STARTING AT 7:30 (that's 698 Mass Ave, 3 blocks away). Try & STAY WITH THE GROUP.

This meetup is co-posted with Nerd Fun & Boston Social and Cultural Club.
Be on time, special ends at 7PM! then go at 7:30 to socialize at Rodney's. This will be co posted with Nerd Fun!
Here is your orientation link.

l am not promoting a business (I'm a volunteer). But Rodney's in Central Square Cambridge is blossoming. On Fridays it also has great back round music.

Let us reverse the logic: people for years have been privileged to virtual online services.

At this venue, we can touch & handle things --books, etc.-- what an improvement over the virtual world--! . Flip through pages faster than virtual sources. On a whim. & it can be a Mix & Mingle also!!!

Rodney's now also has knick-knacks, vintage print-on-demand posters, & unique stocking-stuffers. It is like an interactive low priced museum you can access, half-priced 2013 calendars, & books such as:
"Jane Austin's Guide to Dating." "Breeding Anthuriniums in Hawaii". "River Monsters". "Whippets Today". "Dog Sense". I got these titles from visiting in person.

Perfect Meetup atmosphere.