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What we’re about

This group is for anyone who is interested in sports as well as technology, business, media, or startups.

You're perfect for this group if you:

  • think the MIT Sloan Sports Conference sounds cool
  • read and tech crunch regularly
  • follow Darren Rovell on Twitter
  • are a part of a sports tech startup
  • are interested in the way that technology and sports intersect
  • sometimes use acronyms like FIP and WAR to talk about sports
  • just want to grab a beer or have a fun conversation with some interesting people about sports, technology, startups, or anything else.

We try invite anyone to post an event so that we can have an event every month. Do you know some interesting speakers to discuss topics at the intersection of sports and technology, let us know.

Past videos our events can be found at:

Once again, all ideas for future speakers and topics are welcome so please get in touch!