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What we’re about

For business FOUNDERS who have set up their business, and are ready to lift off to highly-successful business, learning ALL the critical success elements - like links in a chain, they CANNOT be skipped: 

• Have PREPARED - mission, market, management team, profit picture/projections, corporate structure, location, funding needs, patents, licenses, bookkeeping, initial funding and some sales – lots of FIRE, smoke, noise and shuttering, but NOT MUCH LIFTOFF

• TOPICS - Learn and experience from a 40-year, seven-business expert, Kenton Johnson, AS WELL AS the OTHER MeetUp members, the inside details to ROCKET you to SUCCESS:

* Properly prepare critical funding documents and plans
* Attract additional team members at minimal outlay
* Ensure securities law compliance
* Find, select and track progress with resources and the myriad funders
* Make excellent presentations - WE'LL PRACTICE IN THIS MEETUP
* Negotiate well
* Maintain superior resource relations
* Enhance technology, operations and opportunities
* Prepare to exit at the right time for the best ROI
* Enjoy your businesses ventures with life-enriching skills
* OTHER game-changing ideas, practices and CONNECTIONS.


• RESOURCES:  Startup 2.0™ Steps, Prosper Systems' Team, Kenton's Teaching Teaching Resume, area Collaborators, our large library of articles and eBooks, and of course, this MeetUp's Members.