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The Swisscom Digital Lab provides a space and an environment to transform emerging ideas and technologies into viable business opportunities for Swisscom enterprise customers. We accelerate digital projects by leveraging ready-made technologies, EPFL's research capabilities and agile methodologies.

The Lab is based at the heart of EPFL Innovation Park, a global hub of startups and a variety of cutting-edge digital technologies. The Swisscom Digital Lab is supporting this ecosystem by organizing regular events related to the challenges of digitalisation - bootcamps, talks, tech happy hours...

More info on our website: https://www.swisscom.ch/digital-lab

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Discover the Applied Research from Swisscom Digital Lab + Pizza Lunch !

In collaboration with Swisscom product teams, the Digital Lab offers EPFL students applied research topics to do their master thesis in an enterprise environment. Students have the opportunity to conduct cutting-edge research in disruptive areas, learn from our experts, and gain invaluable professional experience. On the other side, Swisscom benefits from first-class students from EPFL and a co-supervision from one of the world-class research laboratories at EPFL. Our last batch of master thesis students will present their work at the Swisscom Digital Lab on August 14th, at 10AM. As a teaser, here is the list of projects: LoRa Node Localization using Multiple Drones 5G Heterogenous Communication Architectures for the Internet of Things Asphalt Quality Prediction and Accident Detection Building a Machine Learning Platform to Label Mobility Traces Swisscom Mobile Network Parameter Estimation and Tuning using Supervised and Reinforcement Learning Embedding Memory into Advanced Dialogue Management Machine Translation Swiss German to German Ethical and Fairness-aware Recommendation Systems Multi-objective Collaborative and Content Filtering for Advanced Recommendation Strategies These presentations will make you discover new digital technologies and help you foresee new opportunities. After feeding our brain, we will have a Pizza Lunch around 12.30 PM ! Looking forward to meeting you there! Limited to 50 participants

Talk on "Holacracy" - an innovative self-management practice for organizations

The Swisscom Digital Lab is happy to welcome Jonas Vonlanthen from Liip for this new topic: " How to operate a self-organised company " In society, authoritarian managers are not required to ensure order. And - in most cases - society works well as long as there are clear and shared operating rules. We cannot however yet make the same observation in the business world, where hierarchy and command-and-control remains the norm. Power holders cannot let go, and that is understandable: they have never been taught otherwise. But this is changing; welcome to 21st century management, where new tools are emerging to operate companies. Distributed governance, shared authority, consent decision-making, organization in roles and circles... these are some of the mechanisms of self-managed companies. Let’s reflect on the evolution of organizations and discover in a real and local example how such a “teal” organization works. Jonas Vonlanthen is a pioneer in agile management and self-organisation in Switzerland. As Partner at Liip, he founded the Lausanne office in 2011 and lead the development of the web and mobile agency in the Romandy market. Since 2015, he focuses on the organisation’s evolution from a hierarchical to a self-managed governance system. https://www.linkedin.com/in/vonlanthen/ https://www.liip.ch/fr SPECIAL: For this event, we will test our new virtual seat, at distance. If you are interested to attend but cannot be in Lausanne, please leave a message in comments. We have 1 virtual seat available through our robot Sheldon. More info on www.swisscom.ch/double-robotics Agenda 6.00 to 7.00 PM : 45 min Talk + 15 min Q&A 7.00 to 7.45 PM : Apéritif

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Drone Testing Day - Improving LoRa localization accuracy using Drones


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