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TransGender San Francisco, TGSF.org (http://TGSF.org/) , is a support and social group for the San Francisco Bay Area transgender and gender-non-conforming/gender-variant community.

Please send email directly to outreach@tgsf.org because messages via Meetup are not checked often, and sometimes, frankly, get completely lost.

Upcoming events (2)

Trans, GNC, and Nonbinary, Virtual Meeting

Link visible for attendees

Paula June is graciously hosting a weekly, virtual meeting open to all Trans, GNC (Gender Non-Conforming), and non-binary folk. It will be Tuesday evenings from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm, Pacific time.
You have to RSVP to see the link. This is more of a security thing, so that spammers can 't just harvest the link and crash the party.

TGSF - End of Month

Taqueria San Jose

Welcome all trans, non-binary, gnc (Gender non-confirming), people sincerely questioning a transgender path, other friendly queers, and allies! TGSF gets together, at least, once a month, generally on the last Thursday of the month.

We are currently meeting in person! But, remember that there are still laws that we’ll follow. When we get together, feel free to continue to wear masks (i will), and if that’s part of the rules at the time, then we’ll all wear them!

The venue is very friendly and the food is famous. :) It's good to buy food here to support them, but food is optional. (Meat will undoubtedly be eaten by someone at the restaurant. If you'd like to help organize vegan, or non-food events, please contact TGSF via [masked] !)

TGSF usually has an End of Month dinner/gathering on the last Thursday of each month, except:

  • March, we attend TDoV (Transgender Day of Visibility) - http://TDoV.org/
  • June, we attend Trans March - http://TransMarch.org/
  • November 20, we attend TDoR (Transgender Day of Remembrance) - http://TDoRSF.org/
  • December, we'll meet before the traditional winter holidays – Details to be announced.
    - If another trans/gnc-related event is important to support, it will be substituted for that month's gathering.

We try to keep the Meetup http://www.meetup.com/TGSF-Transgender-San-Francisco/ , and Facebook https://www.facebook.com/GenderSF/ pages up to date, but we need volunteers to do Social Media!

Please don't use Meetup, Facebook, or other sites to contact TGSF. The best (only realistic) way to contact us is through email, [masked] .

(Yes, the website, TGSF.org, is still dead, but email is still working. I hope to have some ideas on how to fix it "soon".)

Volunteers are always needed! Please contact us via [masked] . Please do NOT use the Meetup, Facebook, or other sites to contact TGSF! They may not be checked for months at a time.

Past events (170)

Trans, GNC, and Nonbinary, Virtual Meeting

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