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What's possible? Love! E-STEAM Avocation Collaboration Games. ZOOM edutainment conversations.

Mission: Energizing balance of work, play, and learning.

Topic-Talk Walks (TTWalks) (http://TopicTalkWalks.com)

TTWalks is a FREE edutainment walking (now ZOOMing) conversation group. We take heavy topics like the definition of an "Economics of Compassion," and make them light, enjoyable, and playful enough to share with a general public audience, from ages 6 to 96.

For example, our mascot, TTW Frog uses origami jumping frogs to demonstrate his econophysics definition, of economist John Kenneth Galbraith’s phrase - “Economics of Compassion.” TTW Frog interactively demonstrates how each participant can store their living energy (potential and kinetic) in the paper spring of an origami jumping frog. TTW Frog's definition of an "Economics of Compassion" is conservation of his frog living energy currency. After all, living energy currency is the only economic currency TTW frog has - look - no pockets!

On the last Wednesday of each month, 5:30-6:20 pm, we share free ZOOM conversational edutainment series titled "What's possible? Love! E-STEAM Avocation Collaboration Games." We're hoping to include our walking conversations again, beginning in 2021.

E-STEAM stands for Economics, Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math, from the perspective of our human and environmental economic currency of Living Energy.

Let's walk, talk, and play together!

Fran and Richard Rew,
Co-Founders, Co-Organizers, Co-Hosts
(720) 474-5182 - Fran’s Cell, for text only


"Creativity, innovation and transformation are all merely side effects of our desires and abilities to empathize, and to connect."-- quote from YouTube video by Seung Chan Lim- " (http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=E15sYx-cpso)Realizing Empathy"

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ZOOM - What’s Possible? Love! E-STEAM Avocation Collaboration Games.

Three Meetup groups are sharing their free conversational play-time on ZOOM. You're invited! We're playing conversational edutainment E-STEAM Avocation Collaboration Games, for ages 6 to 96. E-STEAM is the acronym for: Economics, Science, Engineering, Art and Math. The economics of human avocational loves is primarily powered by our complementary currency of Trust-Love units of Time (TLT), combined with our monetary currency. Our collaborative teams have a mascot of a Frog, and a Dog. Since frogs and dogs don't have pockets for money, TLT units are their only economic currency. The Frugal Frogs Team and the Doer Dogs Team are collaboratively growing their TLT units, in order to reach their collaborative goal. Their collaborative goal is to play their games together, for special February 2021 Valentine's Day events, on their E-STEAM Love channel on YouTube, and in-person outdoors, for a museum, library, and/or school. FRUGAL FROGS TEAM Mentors Beckwourth Doers http://www.meetup.com/Beckwourth-Doers DOER DOGS TEAM Mentees TTWalks http://www.meetup.com/TTWalks GOAL - VALENTINE'S DAY YOUTUBE and EVENTS - 2021 Museum Muser http://www.meetup.com/MuseumMuser E-STEAM Love channel on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1pzYrcQa-gNff0V6lPX1yg = = = = = = = = AUGUST 26, 2020, COLLABORATION STORIES, from TTWalks "I FELL IN LOVE WITH THE IDEA..." Philippe Petit Looks Back on Historic Twin Towers Walk 44 Years Later Inside Edition, Exclusive https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tynHJqQfXMQ&t=5s When Phillippe was asked why he risked his life to do his high-wire walk, with over a 1,000 foot drop, between the 2 towers of the World Trade Center, he answered that he fell in love with the idea. BREATHE LOVE INTO YOURSELF, YOUR NEIGHBOR, YOUR COMMUNITY... Breathing love into communities / TEDxCharlotsville Holistic Life Foundation | TEDxCharlottesville https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SBJ7MUJzvZc = = = = = = = = REFERENCES ABOUT TRUST AND LOVE: Rachel Botsman's TED talks, and books talk about the economics of "Trust" as a currency. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GqGksNRYu8s J. Ibeh Agbanyim's book on "The Five Principles of Collaboration," puts "Trust" as the #1 principle of collaboration. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_41f5By5tSE&t=145s Amanda Kemp, in her book "Say the Wrong Thing," reminds us that Feelings, stories and human connection - not facts - change people. https://www.amazon.com/Say-Wrong-Thing-Strategies-Authentic/dp/1543171729

Agnes Riddle Walk - Planning Partners
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

This is your invitation to lead and/or partner with TTWalks in planning an Agnes Riddle neighborhood history walk. The date, time and exact starting location will be announced as our plans evolve. If it is possible, we could begin planning this event to take place between 2014 to 2016 during the fall. Fran Rew uploaded a 3-page biliographed introduction to Agnes Riddle called "Educating for a Balanced Life (http://files.meetup.com/1009266/Educating%20for%20a%20Balanced%20Life%20-%20Agnes%20Ludwig%20Riddle.pdf)". The evolution of human values during the historic period of 1865 to 1930 were mirrored in the life of Agnes Riddle through her personal human experience as a woman, a nurse, a farmer, a Grange secretary, a Colorado State Representative, a Colorado State Senator and a Chaplain. When you RSVP to either lead this event and/or partner in the planning process, you will be on the TTWalks mailing list to be invited to play whatever role, big or small, you prefer in the planning process. Please feel free to call or email any questions or comments Fran Rew [masked]). Our current interested partners are co-founder of Topic-Talk Walks, Fran Rew, and co-founder of the Kinda Collective (http://kindacollective.org/about/), Richard Burgess (http://www.facebook.com/people/Richard-Burgess/1209458915). The headquarters of the Kinda Collective is currently located on the property where Agnes Riddle lived - 4500 Leetsdale. ________________________________________________________________________ On August 5, 2011, TTWalks participated in the Kinda Collective's "HERE IS HOW" (http://www.meetup.com/TTWalks/events/26067041/) event. This was one wonderful example of an evolving community participatory artwork coordinated by the Kinda Collective. Both the planning and the event were SO MUCH FUN!!! The Kinda Collective made the hard work of planning and preparation feel so inspiring. The enthusiasm of each of the planning participants made the adventure and discovery in this planning experience feel like a whole lot of fun. I wished it would never end. I wish it could have continued in its own indoor/outdoor space as an ongoing experience throughout the year with thousands of participants taking turns on which day to participate in a year-round HERE IS HOW pavilion.

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